Thursday 16 August 2012

Day 11: Halloween in August

Hey there!!

Earlier I posted a card using the Gnome Sweet Gnome stamp set for the Ribbon Carousel blog challenge so check it out if you want!

This particular project was in the works for a little while. I decided that I wanted to try to make this one exclusive to Stampin Up... which wasn't too hard a choice for me since I don't have any Halloween paper besides SU.  However, it turns out this project was really difficult because I didn't have any embellishments related to Halloween.  As a result I had to start trying to "make" some and really get those creative juices flowing. 

I started out with mySU  Halloween paper packs (all retired) and glued them onto wooden letters I picked up from Michaels.  I sanded the edges of the paper and then edged them in black ink. I then joined the three letters together using a paint stick!! (I still have to nail them together)

Then I grabbed all my chipboard that I had from Stampin Up and found some tags (well, one.. ha!) to use as a grave yard.  Then I glued paper on that one, edged it in black again - and finally put some Lilybee R.I.P letters on it. That's all I could think of at that moment so I stepped away.

As I was playing with Jane I remembered that I did have some Halloween spider web in my holiday bins so I grabed that and wrapped it around the letters. Thinking that I would eventually have a spider in that web... HA... To make a spider I started cutting letter brackets for legs and adding an oval for a body. Finally... adding the new holiday mini googlies... And it turned out like.... drum please...

Ummm.... It's a BLACK CRAB. So clearly, that didn't make it to my project... but I do have that on my mind... soooo.. if you need a crab... you know how to make one!

Moving on from there I cut up some chipboard frames and cut them into a grave yard.  I also created a pumpking using three small ovals and the leaf from the blossom builder punch.  Then I found my bat punch and added some cherry dazzling details to make red beety eyeesssszzzzz. And it wouldn't be my project without twine so I wrapped that around there. Ohhhhh and ironically UPS came while I was doing this with my new Stampin Up supplies AND my new sewing machine!! YAHOO. Anyways, I tied the new satin striped basica grey/black to use as a hanger. 

Sooo here it is!!

Do you love it?

Ahhhhh LOVE IT!


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  1. Yes I LOVE it! It looks great. I even like the spider-crab ;)