Wednesday 26 August 2020

Be Inspired | Punch It Out

When Summer arrives in Newfoundland, you have to take advantage. As such my time in the craft room is limited. I am trying to squeeze every bit of daylight I can into memories.

So, I am not overthinking. I have been keeping it incredibly simple. And why not when the products are so pretty?

This inspiration challenge was Punch it Out - living on the East Coast of Canada the whale suite was an absolute must have item yet I hadn't used it. If that's not inspiration and the push I needed, I am not sure what is.

Challenges are always incredibly important for my crafting "mojo". But in this case, punches makes life easy. So go ahead. Join us and get inspirated.

But first, be sure to keep hopping along to Manuela and the rest of the Be Inspired Design Team!

Ps. Never be without a googly eye!!!