Friday 27 May 2016

Inspired by Bibi Cameron | #tgifc57

This week's TGIF challenge is to copy or be inspired by something you've seen on the TGIF Challenge blog this month (#tgifc54 + #tgifc55 + #tgifc56).

This month I was inspired by Bibi Cameron.  Bibi actually interpreted the TGIF challenge last week differently then expected.  She saw 'love' and ran with it.  She completely inspired me to try some of the "no line watercoloring" this week. However... when push came to shove, I didn't have enough time.  But she did inspire me.  So thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us Bibi!

Isn't she incredible?

I continue to use the Rose Wonder Bundle - I truly can't get enough of it.  For this card, I used watercolour paper and simply did some watercoloring in the background to get the rose die cut to pop.  I clustered some elements that were lying on my table to get my finished card.  As seems to be a trend, I am using lots of basic pearls from Stampin' Up!

You can't quite see it here but I put a layer of clear Wink of Stella on the card.  This is a must have item!

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog today!  


Thursday 26 May 2016

#imbringingthankyousback | Fancy Friday

Thank you.

I should be thanking you all for visiting every month and commenting on our Fancy Friday blog.

This card uses the Stampin' Up! Picture Perfect stamp set.  A stamp set that was in the Occasions Catalog.. something tells me you may see this stamp set again.

So, what's going on here? How did I make that luscious starfish? It's a two step stamp - I used crumb cake and delightful dijon inks.  On top I added a layer of Wink of Stella although you can't quite see it here.

Bam.  That little bit of sparkle makes my heart pitter patter.

As of things weren't exciting enough, I went completely crazy with the basic pearls.  I couldn't stop myself.  I just kept going and going.

So, who is the lucky recipient of this delight?  

In my real life... yes, yes... I have a real life job...  I run a family business.  We give anniversary gifts to our employees.  This is a card that is attached to a gift for an employee that has been with us for 15 years.  We can't truly explain to them how important each and every one of them are to us but we try.

So, thank you. Thank you so much for being part of our family business.

But don't stop here - keep hopping along - you'll see some incredible projects!

Are you on my Instagram? Are you on my Facebook? I've been busy lately - let me inspire you!!

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Monday 23 May 2016

Hello Sunday. | #weekinthelife

It took me a week to get back into finalizing my Week in the Life but here we are.  It's the last day of my #witl2016 project. It certainly wasn't how I imagined it would be but I definitely grew from this project. Not only that but I dove into digital head first. And with that, I've got to say "Go Cathy Go".

This is Sunday.

Sunday was much of the same as Saturday.  Ryan had soccer for most of the day. Jane was still very sick and Jack was happy to play around the house.  Not a typical Sunday but not unusual.

Sunday was bath day.

Sunday was a day for clothes on the line.

Sunday was paint your toe nails day. And naked jumps on the bed.  It was day for squeaky clean kisses and cuddles. Sunday was a day when you make your belly talk.

Sunday was the day I taught Jane how to make a wish on a wishbone. My wish was “not to catch this stomach flu” and hers was to fly... she was sadly misled when she realized she couldn’t.

Sunday was the day I used up all the apples and made apple crisp. Something I haven’t done for years.

Sunday was the day I walked around Signal Hill with Sara.  I had forgotten about all the steps, the amazing view and how your lungs and heart explode making it back up to the top.

Life is beautiful isn’t it?  Thank you Sunday.

Since it was the last day, I decided that I really wanted to write notes to the kids.  Just about what they are into these days - their likes and dislikes, quirks and triumphs.  I am not sure how I'll put them in the album yet so stay tuned. 

Dear Jane,

Today you are 5 years old. I look at you and can see you as a teenager and a young woman. I can assure you that you will be a leader of sorts and do amazing things if you put your mind to it. You are adaptable. You are social. You are protective and playful.  You learn very fast and you are focused.  There's no doubt that you are creative.  You don't play with very many toys.  Instead you like to draw,  play on the scooter and watch youtube.  In fact, you are always discussing what you'd like to do on your channel - today, you referred to me as "MommyTube" so who knows where your head is thinking now. You love doing flips at gymnastics and are working hard to get into the next competitive level.  You are not into soccer at all, no matter how much we try to convince you. You love watching music videos by Matty B, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato.. and the list goes on - watching them over and over learning the dance moves by heart. You are witty and a story teller. You've got a lot of energy and a lot of spunk - I hope you bottle that up and put it to good use.  But most days, I'd like for you to learn to clean your room or throw your trash in the garbage. You are a gem Miss Jane and I cannot wait to see what you come up with next. Always remember to be kind and to think about others.  Remember that it's okay to be mad but take a time out to breath. You've got this. I love you more than you can imagine.

Love Mom

Dear Jack,

Today you are 3 years old. You are a big boy but you will always be my baby.  You can play independently lining up your toys and smashing them into play doh.  Or you can play with others like building forts and chasing after the neighbourhood kids.  Lately you don't like to eat the food you are served at lunch and supper.  Everything is "yuck" and "disgusting".  This makes you trot off in complete despair - angry at the world.  Soon enough we hear you saying "I'm really hungry Mommy." When we tell you that you have to eat your supper, you mope around the house all over again. The same reaction goes for swimming, hair cuts and from time to time leaving the house.  You still stick out your lower lip but now I can see the smile behind the frown as you are clearly understanding the attention your "cuteness" is getting.  You love books.  Right now your favourite is Sneezy Snowman, Daddy Loves Me, Winnie the Pooh and any Seek and Find book.  You love the colour red.  You always have to wear a red shirt or pants.  You love Paw Patrol and the Octonauts but you love watching kids songs on YouTube, as well as any toy reviews.  You are a delight and super loving.  Almost anyone can get big hugs and kisses - and if not, its clear you don't want to be disturbed. I can't imagine life without you. You brighten my darkest days and fill up my life with stories of laughter.  Always remember to be yourself and of course, never, ever kick anyone.

Love Mom.

Thanks for following me along in my "Week in the Life" - I'll come back and show you a video of my album very soon.


Tuesday 17 May 2016

Hello Saturday. | #witl2016

Saturday. It was a gorgeous day. But we were inside all day.

As my 5 year old daughter Jane said "It's a beautiful day to be sick Mommy."
The glass is half full, right?

My album is coming together - each new day has a title page. This day has two 8.5x11" pages back to back and two 6x8.5" pages.

"Saturday morning arrived sooner than I wanted it to.  Jane (5) and I slept together but sleep wasn’t a great luxury we had. She was sick too many times to count.  I would hear her and scoop her head to the side of the bed. She would continue for the rest of the day like that with exception to about 20 minutes when she rose off the couch to try on her dance costume and pose for a picture.  Jane is a trooper.  Not that a person can be good at being sick.. but if you could, she would be.

The sun was shining, which was great since I was washing every quilt and linen in the house. I love seeing the colourful quilts on the line.  The fresh smell. Yes. I love that too. Ryan was coaching and playing soccer for most of the day today so it was me and Jack (3)  against the germs.  Determined to win, I practically bathed in hand sanitizer and ran around with  containers of Lysol wipes.

Since my Saturday plans changed, I thought it would be a good idea to make a large pot of soup.  All day I threw different things in.  I think I had 4 bowls of soup.  I will admit that at 8:30 I sat down with a McDonalds big Mac and enjoyed every moment. So there.

Jack and I played with sand, play doh, a memory game, the Guess Who game, and the list goes on.   Soon it was night time and I was glad to have my husband back before I fell asleep.

Good night Saturday."

"This water bottle.  I bought it years ago.  It’s glass and dishwasher safe. It has a wide mouth for big gulps. It makes me happy because I know that its clean unlike many of those plastic containers.  And I don’t have to slurp to get water out.  I remember buying it at an atrocious price but it was calling my name.  So. Worth. It."

"Let me just add that this photo is incredibly imperfect.  My nails. Oh. My. Nails.  But that’s me.  And it’s real life.  I get my nails done and 2 hours later they are a mess.  A hot mess. Like me.  Perfectly imperfect. I don’t really strive to be perfect. It makes me tired just thinking about it.  But I do try to be happy - I make a point of it actually.  I want to be happy.  So I craft.  So I plan.  So I buy overpriced waterbottles that bring me joy.  These nails are beautifully imperfect painted by my mother in law on Mother's Day - I wouldn’t want to be any other way."

Catch you tomorrow!

Sunday 15 May 2016

Hello Friday. | #witl2016

Friday came with a vengeance.  A day that we dreaded as Jane was off to the children’s hospital to have some fillings taken care of.  Little did we know that before Jack was even up, she had one tooth extracted and another filled along with another appointment to come again soon.

I decided to take the morning easy and sat down with my "The 52 Lists Project" journal. I love using these prompts to reflect in the quiet of the morning. It's a great way to start the day.  Not without coffee though - usually from my Keurig these days.

Rooney still wasn't up when Jack and I were ready to go. That dog plops herself anywhere and assumes we will walk over her.  Problem is, we do.  Whe's 8 years young now so we won't be able to change much of her habits.

This morning wasn't as chaotic as usual because I only needed to pack one lunch and get one child ready.  I had my work items packed in the car in advance.  By the time I got Jack seated in his car seat, I couldn't find the keys.  I mean, I know its hard to believe but every single morning I lose those keys.  I knew I had them to unlock the vehicle but backtracking my steps was proving unsuccessful. I was calling my brother to bring over the second set when I found the darn things in the snow.. of course.

Jack arrives at the Gingerbread House daycare in good spirits.  Quite pleased with the snow patches around so that he can jump in them.  He always likes to take the long way into the building on the ramp rather then up the stairs.  I don't think he's the only kid that does this.

It was a regular working day with a short shopping trip in search of finding an adult skating helmet for a birthday partythe next day as well as a tooth fair pillow.  Jane's first visit from the tooth fairy.  Still growing up, I see.

When I arrived home, Jane was excited to show me her lost tooth and took off for dance.  I enjoyed a little quiet time while Ryan dropped the kids to his mother's as he was coaching.  The hallway was littered with shoes, coats and packages but I turned a blind eye. 

The quiet was short lived as I left to go to my sister's Spring choir concert. It was gorgeous.  The little church is located on the ocean so through the windows you can see a little graveyard and then the crashing waves. The roof was made of wooden planks and you can see the gold capped nails perfectly lined up. Love it.  I have to remember to sit back, relax and take in all the sights and sounds more often.

When I arrived home I helped clean and started my Week in the Life but there was an abrupt end when Jane woke up in vomit. This would continue all night. At first I worried about the tooth extraction but soon realized it was stomach flu.  That's a bummer. 

My album started to take shape as I printed some of the previous pages and began Friday's pages.  Friday's pages are a mix of hybrid and pocket pages. Here's how everything is taking shape.

The stories were written on a single page with some embellishments from the Ali Edwards story kits.

The first pocket page layout largely included photos but I thought the story theme card from the Tough story kit was fitting.

One of my stories for the day was the fact that I lost my car keys (yes. again. for the third time this week).  This photo shows exactly where they were found in the snow.  

This is the backside and you can see how it looks in the album - Saturday begins with the cover photo printed on 8.5x11 matte paper.

Another amazing day despite the stomach bug taking over our house. See you tomorrow to show you Saturday stories!


Hello Thursday. | #witl2016

Hello Thursday.

Thursday, I was met with sunshine.
For a moment it felt like spring... (until Friday came).

"I have so many emotions when I bring you to the bus stop across the street from our house.  Sometimes we are rushing out the door but lately we have seemed to have a nice balance.  I want so badly for you to be okay with taking the bus because for the next years of your live, you’ll need to. When I open the door, it feels refreshing. Crisp.  Rejuvenating.  Like Mother Nature is telling me “time to start my day.”

My heart leaps when I see you socializing and making friends.  Relief spreads across me knowing today you’ll be okay on the bus.

I watch you rush to be first in line at the sight of the yellow vehicle. You jump into the same front seat every day. You look back at me and smile or frown.  But usually its all good.  Sometimes your buddies sit with you - even three of you. Those are the days I smile to myself going back to the house.  You are anxiety free. You are happy.  You are growing up.  You'll be just fine."

"Thursday arrived   and the routine began. Lunches packed. Jane on the bus by 8am.  Jack slow to get up. Slow to eat. Slow to get dressed. “I don’t drink coffee Mommy.” Touche Jacky boy.

Work came with a long list of to-dos. Productivity was high.

An afternoon visitor, Miss Margaret brought “bits” for Jack, who scarfed them down like no one ever feeds him. Nanny can’t get enough of him stuffing his face. He is met by cousins, Sawyer and Rivers - they play and make noise until I pick him up later on.  They seriously love each other.  I’ll say it again... cousins the same age is amazing.  

It’s a Thursday so that means its a rush to gymnastics for 5:30.  Ryan stays home and cooks ribs while I chat with the moms at the gym and wait.

Once we get home, Jack is not interested in eating supper.  “That’s Yuck”  But Jane is ready to dance.  And apparently no evening is complete without a little shimmy and a shake in the kitchen.

The remainder of my night is spent making donation jars and posters for the Fort McMurray fire charity event we are doing on Saturday. Running your own business means that work comes home with you - there are no real vacations.

I finished up Tuesday Week in the Life and stayed up too late, as always."  

"This is the first walk my Mom and I have had since she returned last week from months in Florida.  I have the luxury of working in a home office with my parents at their home. We often have impromptu adventures and a walk is often on the list. I always bring my gym clothes so that I am ready for the occasion. At 1 o'clock Mom yelled down to accompany her and her friend to Bowring Park. So I did.

Fresh air.
It does a body good."

Yes. That's my Dad. And yes, thats my sister.
And yes, he went a little crazy and photobombed but clearly didn't think much about posing.
He's crazy.

Thanks for dropping by!

Saturday 14 May 2016

Hello Wednesday. | #witl2016

Wednesday came and went.

But I sat down today to bring together my day. This first sheet is something that Brandi Kincad created and I thought it was neat to include in my Week in the Life project.

the story of today // I couldn’t find my car keys. again.  I dumped out my purse.

the story of today // its still cold but that didn’t stop us from going out in the street to play.  Jane looks so grown up doing tricks on her scooter and giving me the peace sign.

the story of today // we picked up Jane early from daycare and took her to Costco.  There was no extra room in Mom’s little car. Jane got too many treats but how can I say no all the time?

the story of today // dishes. dishes. and more dishes.  I try to go to bed with the kitchen clean.  I succeed only 50% of the time.

the story of today // The kids love “veggie tray” for supper. Every trip to Costco, I get a veggie tray and that’s what they go for.  For that, I am grateful.

the story of today // Rooney the dog has always been a “dainty” dog. She will not push open doors or jump over things.  Today we didn’t open the door long enough and she just stared at us until we pulled the patrio door all the way across.

the story of today // Jack took some crackers without asking. He got a bowl and put them in. (He doesn’t like to eat out of bags, etc) But we found the evidence in his bed... just too late.

the story of today // Ryan brings me a 9pm cafe latte.  Just what the doctor ordered.

Again, these are purely in digital form for now.  It's undecided whether or not I'll have a hybridd component. 

Below shows two pages at 3x8" each.  I put them side by side for blogging and printing purposes.

Until tomorrow! Happy documenting!

Friday 13 May 2016

I'd be lost without you | #tgifc55

Hi all! It's Frrrriiiiiiiidaaaay!!!

When I saw this sketch for the TGIF Challenge this week, I immediately thought about the 2x2 squares in the Project Life by Stampin' Up! (PLxSU) kits.  And that's how a sketch can trigger a quick burst of creativity.

To finish off this card, I had that some doilies on my table.  I layered them together with a bit of the pool party glimmer ribbon along with the a sentiment to create this 4.5"x4.5" card. The stamp came from the Cottage Greetings stamp set from Stampin' Up!

I hope you play along with us this week!

Thursday 12 May 2016

Hello Tuesday | #witl2016

Hello Tuesday.

This is different isn't it.  I am creating pages instead of just the photos and the words.  It may not continue.  But for the first two days of Week in the Life, I have not taken more than 10 photos for any single day.  That's ridiculous.  You'll also see how I put these pages in albums.

"I don’t know how my purse gets in this state every single week.  When going through my New Years resolutions this year, I’ve been trying to make small changes which helps me stay organized and focused in my quest to spark joy.  Cleaning out my purse every Monday is one of those changes.  This week, my purse was cleaned on Tuesday. Truthfully, it feels like a weight off my shoulder every single week. Go Cathy Go."

"Lately I crave waking up with the sun.  The quiet in the mornings helps me focus and get ready for the day.  I like to reflect, start lunches, go for a walk.  The hour flies and its not long before I crave the quiet the next morning.

On this early Tuesday morning, I had no Keurig cups so I went to Tim Hortons in my PJs. Back home in 6 minutes, I begins to sort through the piles of paper.  Jack woke up first. This is a blue moon.  He ate his lucky charms.. just the marsmellows. Sorting them by colour.  He never ceases to amaze me.

Joyfully, Jane catches the bus by 8am and Jack starts to get dressed.  On a typical morning, Jack is often still in bed when Jane gets on the bus.  He’s going to be a sleepy head.

The work day goes quickly as Ryan works in the storage units and I move through my to do list.

It's a typical day but there was no time for any physical activity, which I crave lately.  Tomorrow I will do better.

The swimming lessons took a toll and I needed a break.  Ryan’s friend popped over with his bull dog, which brought a sense of joy to me.  I like people. I like drop ins.

Bed by 830pm for the kids. I stayed up too late doing #witl. Go figure. But I was feeling it. A better day.

Goodnight Tuesday."
"Amongst all the choas of the dogs outside, the dishes, the wet hair from swimming, the phone - Jack looked up at me and said “let’s play a game”. Carefully selecting this memory game, Jane and I sat down and played the way he wanted (as much as it pained me). For 10 minutes, we played - we each took turns. Jane boasted of her two pairs and Jack kept picking up the same card. Does life get better than this?"

"The worse part of the day was taking my son to his first swimming lesson while at the same time my daughter was beginning a new level.  You better believe I was "that mom" in the middle of the pool. On stage. Sweating. Soaking wet. Complete with frizzy hair and cramped feet. Until finally after 15 minutes he decided it was okay to get wet.  Kid loves water but hates to get wet. No kinder egg in this world could help me.  I remained there for the remainder of the lesson but I knew that most parents were feeling my pain.  Pretty sure I won Mom of the Year.... and I want to thank... well. my son... Ahem. No photo for that.  You wouldn't want to see that mess.  But man.  Life was real in those moments.  So proud of Jane thriving in her lesson.  Yet longing for Jack to co-operate."

Isn't it interesting how this project gets us to look at the good and the bad and what's real life?

Until tomorrow,

Wednesday 11 May 2016

I'm in. Monday | #witl2016

I was set to begin my Week in the Life project led by Ali Edwards but then Monday happened.

"Today looks a little like this.  

It was what I call a down day.  Nothing makes sense.  Nothing is black and white.  It’s definitely a “redo day.”  And it wasn’t because I put my clothes on backwards or dropped my breakfast on the floor, it was just how I felt when I hopped out of bed.  I tried to work through what I was feeling in the morning and I couldn’t make sense of it all. Reluctantly, I went to the grocery store to get   enough food to make a ham sandwich and BBQ in the evening.  This was not how I wanted my #weekinthelife to begin. I decided I’d scrap it. I thought about my intention of this project - this is the reality.  This is life.  And everyone feels this way from time to time. I feel blessed that my down days are few and far between but I’ll embrace them for now and learn from them.  What did I learn? To get on my feet. To take a walk. To smile with my kids. To live. 

Let’s start over, shall we?"

I didn't take many pictures on Monday but nobody really cares except me.  I am realizing that I don't even care that much.

For me, my intention and my reason why for this project is reflection. This is something I've done a lot of lately.  I am trying to align my goals and my responsibilities to find joy and to find what it is that I want to accomplish while I am on this great Earth. (Good luck to me, right?)

If you are wondering, I went 100% digital in my layouts today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Have a great day! See you tomorrow!

Friday 6 May 2016

Welcome little Sunshine | #tgifc54

It's another Friday and another TGIF challenge!
The first challenge of every month is a colour challenge!

I am always at a loss for baby cards.  In fact, its the first one I've made in way too long.

I kept it simple but at the end decided that it needed something more.
I like tiny embellishments so I cut up the yellow trim and added it to a sliver of patterned paper.

Tiny is best!!

Play with our challenge!
Happy Friday!

Monday 2 May 2016

What a Beautiful Blessing You Are To Me | Creative Scrapbooker Magazine

I am featured every month on the  Creative Scrapbooker Magazine blog.
Make sure you check out the Mother's Day cards that I created using Stampin' Up!'s Rose Wonder bundle.

Drop by. Send your love.