Friday 31 May 2013

Retreat day one, part one.

This may not keep up but wouldn't it be nice if I can create a post a day showing my progress at Scrappy Dees scrapbook retreat in Springdale, Newfoundland! I have a couple scheduled posts already... so there may be multiple posts... Gasp! Heads up it will likely be photo heavy and perhaps wordy at the start. Maybe I'll give up eventually? Since I am rocking to the "Beibs..." you should click play as you scroll down.

If you are drooling over your 2013-14 Stampin' Up! catalogue, its official that you can place your order beginning at 3:30 NL time today!! So get your orders ready! Click shop now on the right if you dare. :)

It's 1040 am and I've only just thought of this great idea. Waking up in this stunning setting at the Riverwood Inn I've already managed to get my shower... AND straighten my hair. This might mean nothing to you. But I really must be on vacation if I have my shower by 11am. In fact I have my hair straight and that must mean I am going somewhere special! The lovely Deidre Clarke organizes this mess and its awesome. Just waiting for friends here!
I've already decided that it the last day for the Canadian Scrapbooker Let's Get Sketchy challenge for May.  I was in the hunt for pictures when I saw some paper tape in my "goody bag". It reminded me of Christmas. Which I hate scrapping. But I decided to give it a go. Here's where I started with this sketch. Using multiple 4 inch doilies I created the semi circle. And using that Brazill Antique Paper Tape I decided created a border.   All finished at 1pm.  That's wasn't a quick one. Oops.    
What's next? Your guess is as good as mine!

Hmmm... I just checked out Sue Sykes blog (Kewl Beans) and she has an amazing "Life lessons" project with grids and hidden tags.  In the mean time, I am entering this layout in her May challenge.

So, this post, my friends will have to be a "two-parter". Hopefully with less words next time.

In the mean time, check out these photos of where I am staying - the Riverwood Inn.

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Banners, Banners, Banners

I am in birthday mode making banners and garland!!!

Isn't it fun to mix it up?

I am waiting to go on a "trip, trip, trip" tomorrow for a scrapbook retreat.  I have plans or a project life layout, cards and invites.. maybe even some burlap boutonnieres... Can I be so productive?

This banner and garland is for a Spring Theme birthday.  Clothespins just scream birthday!!  I would have loved to have used more tulle but it took away from the banner. :(  The butterfly garland was made using the Big Shot and the Stampin Up Beautiful Butterflies Bigz die.

 This is for a Team Umizomi birthday and it plays off of a character named Geo.  He wears a special belt with shapes.  The blue piece plays off another character's screen - his name is Bot!  If you look closely I added a bit of trim for some details.

And this last banner is just a sample sample as I was playing with number on my Cricut - this is from the "Cuttin' Up" cartridge and uses Stampin Up paper. The garland is made from the Stampin' Up Serif Alphabet Bigz Die.
It feels like Spring... maybe even summer here in Newfoundland... so, I think I'll enjoy it.

Have fun today!

Monday 27 May 2013

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Same but different

My group of scrapbook friends do a number of challenges. This one is no different. Oh wait. It's "same but different". Lol. The way it works is a friend sends us all the same items and we create using a layout of it. Here's the items we were dealing with...

And here's the final layout:
I decided that I needed to add a couple more pictures but I really wasn't sure where I would put them... so, I tucked the following picture on the right hand side. I actually sprayed the tag with Heidi Swapp Color Shine. I then added a piece of paper and added some journalling.  
Did you notice where the sea shells were? I took great delight in stomping on my sea shell.  I then added these pieces to the layout.
Gosh, I just love challenges... I really never know what to do with these same but different challenges but I always surprise myself! 

Here's my friend Rhea's take on her ReaSon blog!


Sunday 19 May 2013

98 years minus two weeks.

Side note... longer than I thought but worth the read... click video below as you read.

Imagine being born in 1915?

Well, Queen Elizabeth Susan Matthews Decker was born on June 3rd, 1915.  My great grandmother.  A woman whom will live forever through her meatballs.

Meatballs?!? What?

Yes. This is one of those recipes that was handed down through my mother.  And its usually the item that my brother, sister and I share with others for potlucks, etc.  If done properly (unlike sister Heather who did not use cornstarch the last time), they are to die for.

These meatballs remind us of the gatherings we had.  She lived six hours away from us growing up so usually our meetings consisted of a couple times a year while driving across the Island from Corner Brook to St. John's. My mother always requested meatballs to be prepared.  And so she did.  With her hair properly curled and her knee highs on, we joined her for tea... and usually candy until we all jammed into the car once more.

Where is this coming from? This weekend we are celebrating her long life. She passed away peacefully on Friday and we are here in beautiful Springdale, Newfoundland to ensure that her memories live on. As we talk to one another about the stories, its these silly things that will ensure that literally she will be remembered.  So next time we make "Nanny Decker's meatballs", I shall toast to Miss Jane... who helped me make them a couple weeks ago... (Did I mention she licked the raw meat...Shes still alive... and we had a very serious lesson about washing hands and licking things like that.  She didn't think it tasted very good anyways.)

Not only that but when I get home, I will give you the recipe... try it for yourself.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  And they are easy. I think we need to properly named them though.  A woman who was named after Queen Elizabeth should have meatballs named "The Queen's meatballs".  Look forward to it.

And another quick story... isn't it funny how our talent lives longer than perhaps the rest of our bodily functions.  It was up to about 6 or 7 months ago that she played in the church on the piano.  She was very skilled in the musical department... yet she did not always know who you were or could talk for the last couple years.  Isn't that interesting?

When I was pregnant on Mr. J last summer, I came to visit.  She did not seem to know who I was.  She was still "walking" around the retirement home in her wheelchair... I certainly could not understand her.  But she knew there was a baby in my belly. She grabbed my shirt and started singing.  She was singing to the little baby in my belly.  I have no doubts that we lifted her spirit that day and it certainly will be something I'll remember for the rest of my life.  At the end of the day, sometimes life is so busy that you can convince yourself that 'she doesn't know who you are...'... you don't know what anyone at that age is thinking or feeling. So take five minutes out of your day to bring a card or say hello.

I have to say that my mother has taught me this.  She is adamant.  I am telling you. Every time I go anywhere in the province, I take the time to see my relatives. I just think it's so important but so easy not to do. (In fact I should visit out family at home more)  I think it's something I am spreading to my own family as I insisted we go down to see our family in Ohio last year.  We could have went anywhere but we wouldn't have had more fun if we went anywhere else.  Watching my mother-in-law in her glee, hearing the truly unbelievable history, schedule road trips and zoo adventures was so memorable.  And to tell you the truth, I cannot wait to go again.  In fact, I am secretly thinking we should meet them all in Disney World with the kids... wouldn't that be fun?

You didn't know you were getting life lessons today, did you?

And in case I forget to tell you, Great Nanny Maude Boone will be celebrating her 101st birthday on June 1st. I will show you some layouts that I have done with her, celebrating the five generations. Lets hope we can all be so lucky to be "live longers".

As I was writing this, I was listening to this audition that my sister told me about.  It's a student in Wesleyville, Newfoundland in grade 10. Shes entering the MuchMusic Cover Me Contest.  Since I love this song... and since I love to support my family and local talent, please share and like... but most of all. Click play... you won't be disappointed.

Love to all,

Friday 17 May 2013

Some exciting news!

I have been dying to tell you and now the day has finally come!!  I have been lucky enough to be selected as part of the design team at Stuck on You Sketches!!

What's even more fun is that I am part of the new Project Life team.  I plan on incorporating the Project Life theme with your every day scrapbook album. I absolutely cannot wait to show you my ideas.  Not only that but I am thrilled to be part of such a fun and talented team!

Now everybody get up and do your HAPPY DANCE.

I'd love to see you participate - Every second Monday beginning June 3rd you will be given a new challenge to incorporate in your Project Life pages. If you've never done Project Life officially, like me, join me on your adventure. We promise to inspire!!

As a side note, I have been working on a submission over the past week and so I can't show you what I've been working on.... Maybe soon!! (Fingers crossed!) Lots of other fun projects are happening... and lots of princess ideas being flung around for my daughter's birthday party.

Check out some of the cards I finished up from the retreat I went to at the end of April. These are largely Technique Tuesday and Lawn Fawn stamps sets.

Weehoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  Happy long weekend in CANADA!

Monday 13 May 2013

Jillibean Soup layout

While at a retreat recently, I ran across some corrugated Jillibean Soup letters....
And in the midst of a different layout, I grabbed my Jillibean Soup collections and found some background paper.  I started to lay out the alphabet in white.  I turn grabbed my red alphas and fund the word love. It didn't matter what picture but I found one.  And I love it!!

This is a great idea if you want to use your alphas!

Supplies used were all Jillibean soup including canvas flowers, soup spots, soup labels and wise words, Old World Cabbage paper, and of course corrugated alphas.

Don't forget that its graduation time... I used my Stampin' Up markers to color this Stampin' Up retired graduation stamp set.  I stamped the hats using white craft ink on navy blue cardstock. For an added effect I placed pearls on the tops of the hats.  The extra white border really seems to make these cards pop!

Have a wonderfully scrappy day!

Sunday 12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!

I couldn't be prouder to be a Mom of two and couldn't imagine my life any other way.  But it also reminds me that I have the most amazing mother - she is unbelievably patient, understanding and flexible... it turns out shes a lot like me... except for the patient part???  Why couldn't I get that?

So, on this day - I am sending a heartfelt 'happy mother's day!'.

You know, you have good days and bad days.  On those bad days it can be hard to see whats right.  This morning it was raining hard and I needed to pick up my father's vehicle at a restaurant when I decided to have an extra glass of wine with friends. My husband graciously packed the two kids in the car.  Baby J (HAPPY SIX MONTHS) was gurgling and Miss J was ranting about what to do with her life (not kidding). I agreed to go get fresh bread once I picked up the other vehicle and my husband said he'd get the coffee.  So far, not a bad morning. Until I saw the tire pressure in the vehicle. One tire was half the others and these were new tires so something wasn't right.  I stopped at one gas stations - the air machine was out of order.  I stopped at another (in the pouring rain) and realized I didn't have any change. Grr. I gave up and went to get the bread... and some peanut butter balls 'to boot'.

Meanwhile, I drove back home... and its funny how your attitude can change... when I pulled up to my house this morning and I saw how green our grass had turned after a night of rain.  I thought to myself... "I just want to gobble up this life." And in that moment, I felt so lucky.  So happy. And truly felt there wasn't enough time in this lifetime to do everything that I want to do.  And then I thought... "I want to make a difference."

Isn't that something?

You gotta love this life.

Here's some Mother's Day cards I have done over the past couple weeks!


And a thank you card for my sister, who is thoughtfully thanking her substitute teacher who took her position while she was on mat leave.  As you can figure out, she is a music teacher.  She is also a Mom.  And a great Mom.  So, happy Mother's Day Aunt Heather! This was a vanilla cardstock that I used Heidi Swapp color shine by just swiping it off my kraft sheet.  I stamped the music background stamp and stitched around the border. 

I am... just quilting...

What have I been doing?

Well, teaching myself to quilt, of course!! Not the sewing. Oh no, no.  I am learning to jam those three layers through my machine.  Definitely a learning curve there but I am quite proud!! :)

In the mean time, I thought I would share some more layouts from the retreat! This first layout started with white.  Then I cute out the lattice from a full sheet (Studio Calico, maybe?).  I also used distress ink and mists underneath it.  This pops off the page. I layered under the photo as well but this was under the lattice as well. (Gosh, isn't he cuteeeeeee?)
This layout was cased after someone on the design team for two peas and a bucket.  For the life of my, I can't find her name.  This started with a white sheet of 12x12 cardstock.  I added 2.5 x 2.5" squares.
 I really struggled with this particular layout.  I really liked the "cork board" small square and wanted to give an image that this was a picture that was pinned on your wall on a cork board.  Not quite that effect but it worked out.  I added journalling where the sunglasses are now.  Since I didn't like my writing, I covered them up with the glasses.  In all likelihood, it really made a difference... so mistakes can be great!  Also, the layers on the bottom is just the strips on the bottom of patterned paper these days. Love it.  Oh, I used a geo tag wood veneer to highlight a number.  I colored it with distress ink.  :)
 This layout is special to me because my husband is such a die hard fan of Manchester United.  I literally awoke with Miss J arguing with my husband about wearing a tutu and headband with her jersey kit... My husband reluctantly agreed... This was created largely from the Paperie's monthly kit. I actually added glossy accents over the arrows in the bottom left corner.  It made an unbelievable difference.  I also used Studio Calico wood veneers for the words.  Very nice. The banners are Jenni Bowlin'.
 This layout was part of a "layout tag" that my scrappy friends play along with - I struggled to get a picture of this to get sent to the next 'player'. Funny how we rely on technolocy so much, right?  In this layout I used some of the new washi from Stampin' Up. I must say I was pleasantly surprised!
 This layout began with just some molding cream that I was dying to put on a layout. I left that to dry and pulled out a Studio Calico kit... I couldn't be happier with the results... Isn't that paper cool?
Have a lovely day!

Monday 6 May 2013

Time heals......

... All scrapbooking blocks.

It was a long time since I showed you my black background from this post.

And it wasn't until two am at the paperie scrapbook retreat that I hauled it out and just went for it. Half an hour later I had myself a page.

Sometimes you are better off just staying awake when the productivity is flowing! I sprayed the Paisley stars with mister Huey's taxi color. Not only that but I used it as a mask for a card. Nothing better than getting two things done at once. I threw that bakers twine on there because it was laying on my desk. It looked lonely. I went for it.
 Supplies: Bazzill cardstock, white gesso, Freckled Fawn (thick) washi, Heidi Swapp color shine, Mister Huey's mask, Basic Grey peacock stickers, Doodlebug 'Love Letters' alpha stickers, We R Memory Keepers baker's twine, CTMH tiny type epoxy letters, Jillibean Alphabeans (green), AC thickers, Pink Paislee artisan chipboard, Jillibean soup labels (Christmas Eve Chowder)


Wednesday 1 May 2013

Following in 'sarathings'...

... what?!? sarathings?!?

Yes, well, I did the same thing as my friend Sara and brought a few "Undone" layouts to complete at the Paperie retreat this past weekend.  "The Undones" are what Cathie Reed calls her pile of pages that are not yet complete.  I must say that this is generally new to me as I usually finish my layouts... if I am stuck on a layout, I hang it up in my room until something strikes me. BUT.  Since January I have accumulated several... I think its because I have attended several classes (that I am loving) but am not always properly prepared for them... ugh. All of these layouts were left without pictures... or character... yet.

You may need coffee to get through this post... here's your chance.  In fact... let me get a youtube video for you so you can enjoy with some tunes...

This particular layout was created when I attended a class taught by Miss Cathie Reid - we used watercolor paper with mists and gesso, as well as goosebumps to create texture. I loved the goosebumps as we added some ink to get the splats (yellow & blue). See this post to see the 'before' shot! I wasn't loving the colors I picked up before I added the picture... and now, I couldn't be more pleased.  I love these strange pictures of my girl.  Check out the wooden house veneers that I inked using TH distress inks! Fun!

You can see I layered two pictures.  The picture in behind was similar but taken from further out so you can see our puppy dog's face.  Love that little "peek-a-boo" effect.

And of course, I loved the doodling using my AC precision pen...

The next few layouts are all generated from the Paperie's Yearlong Album class taught by Sara Case Strickland.  In this class, we are creating layouts but learning mixed media techniques. Please do check her out, lots of great things are created by her, not to mention all the wonderful things I have learned about mixed media. Thanks Sara!

During the first class we created one layout on canvas, as well as a double page layout. This double page layout was simply playing with twinkling H20s and lots of water. We then used straws to blow the inks across our page. Once at the retreat, I added some doilies and gold Heidi Swapp Color Shine to give it some more color.  These pictures just worked perfectly.
The 12x12 canvas was one giant sticker! :)  Sara loves to attach her layouts to the front of the page protector and put memorabilia in the pocket behind it. Super clever. I loved the idea but had another idea... I thought I would make this page my cover.  So, I adhered the canvas and distressed the edges so that it blended with the chipboard album we were given.

The layout itself has lots of wonderful subtle things.  If you look closely you can see some silver modeling cream (see the hearts?).  This is also on the black binding of the album.  There's also gesso, as well as book paper and patterned paper adhered with matte medium. There's also ink-a-gold (red hearts) ... love the shimmer of this stuff... but I must admit I don't always like to get my hands dirty. Finally, I added the photo this weekend but cut some plastic that came with some embellishments and adhered it over the picture using matte medium.  This should save the picture from getting scratched up.
 If you want to see Sara's take, it was featured in Ronda Palarazzi blog... which was a great shout out to Sara's talent.

For every cover, there's a backcover... this time, I simply covered the chipboard album with gesso.  I then layered some Luminarte Silks on the back in a couple different shades.  I also mixed from Premium Elements with modeling cream to create the purple hearts.  Again, creating texture.  I then joined two Technique Tuesday stamps together with archival ink... saying the following... Love it.

And here's a close up of the stamp...

I missed the March class completely ... noooo... so I missed the cover of the album as well as a double page layout. I solved the album cover problem above.  But because I was with Sara at the retreat, I checked out her layout and asked her what she did.  We used black gesso around the edges (including the diamond stencil) and used perfect pearls over top to create the shimmery leaves. I also used a stencil with white gesso after I placed my pictures.  I really tried to distress the squares and pictures for this layout.  I truly had fun with this layout. I loved placing several photos.
And finally the April class... again, I did not learn. No photos.  All I had was two 9x11 sheets of watercolor paper... of course they were pretty good looking since they were a gorgeous "Bavarian Blue" as a result of the fabulous Twinkling H20s. We used some craft glue as a resist - cool, hey? Of course there was some gold mist and fun masks involved. Check out Sara's take!

But seriously... with my kids blue eyes and Baby J's Easter outfit, it seriously couldn't have worked out any better.  Like it was meant to be. :) I added doilies and used some distress ink and a mask to for the chevron pattern.  I also did some stamping with archival ink. Fun!
That was long. That was not the plan tonight... :)