Friday 30 December 2016

Clustering like Kaitlyn | #tgifc88

This week's TGIF Challenge is to case Kaitlyn Zumbach.

Yeah. No problem there. I seriously love these challenges!

I've known Kaitlyn since 2013 and have been a fan since I met her.  She totally gets me.  Her style is very much like mine. Clean and simple with a pop of detail.  She was a Stampin' Up! Artisan and now works for the company as a Concept Artist.  She's the real deal folks.

I will say, I know that Kaitlyn is always clustering and so thats where my card came together.  I used the brand new Falling in Love paper that Stampin' Up! is releasing in January along with the Cottage Greetings stamp set.

I am off to try to finish a tedious puzzle my hubby gave me!!

Have a wonderful day and make sure to join in the fun this week!


Thursday 22 December 2016

Quick Pink Tree Tag | #tgifc87

We are running out of time now and tags are not what we are thinking about when it comes to getting ready for Christmas.

If you are in a pinch, any kind of die cut will more than suffice.  It would be downright cute!

This week's challenge at TGIF is a "Pink Christmas".
Although not traditional, it certainly is super cute when paired with white and silver.  Think pink cheeks when you come in from the cold.

Like all of you, I am in a hurry.
The hustle and bustle of Christmas has arrived and I am busy making memories.

See you soon!

Friday 16 December 2016

Mason Jar Snow Scene | #tgifc86

I can assure you that I can really relate to this "Let it Snow" challenge that TGIF is leading this week.  With three snow storms, this week I am in a winter wonderland.

I created this project with the intent to place it in a mason jar.  however, what I found was that I didn't have a short enough mason jar to gain the effect... and guess what? There was a snow storm today so I didn't get a chance to get out and get a new jar.

I figured that it was meant to be to use the project as a little statue amongst my Santa's village and Nativity sets.

Are you inspired by the snow? Make sure to share it with us at TGIF Challenge Blog by Thursday, December 23rd.

And PS. Did you see the Gingerbread House ornament?  Make sure to check out that project on the Creative Scrapbooker blog from last week.

Another snow blast is on the way!

Thursday 15 December 2016

#wherearethecordlessphones | Fancy Friday

I am a scatterbrain.

I have lost so many things this week.  The dog's nail clippers, an important envelope and my daughter's gymnastics suit.  Have YOU seen them? Seriously.

Now WHERE are the cordless phones???

I did remember my Fancy Friday project.
You should be impressed by now.

The theme of this month's hop is to use use a neutral colour with "a side of neutral colour".
This actually sounded a little like my style of card.
But I had trouble getting started.  In the end, I made this card.
It feels like too much but it is beautiful in real life.

The shaker is filled with mica flakes, backed with glimmer paper along with some sequins.  Over top are pearls... which I can't live without.   

This Fancy Friday hop happens every month and is equipped with the fanciest Stampin' Up! past and current Artisans that you can find. It's truly a delight that you need to check out every month.

Next on the hop is my pinky friend Erica Cerwin.  I am a little mad at her right now because she lives in Texas and I stuck in the snow up here on the East Coast of Canada.  It simply IS NOT FAIR. None the less, the hop must go on.

And with that - a big happy holidays from my family to yours!

Saturday 3 December 2016

December Daily Hopes | December Daily

Like prior years, I am documenting my December in the footsteps of Ali Edwards.  I have my own process, which she encourages.  You'll find that every year I am caught up everyday in the first week of December.  However, if I am again like prior years, I'll be finishing this album in the Fall months.  I don't let that put me down.  I'll say it again though - I'd like to document my stories every evening in the very least.  Creating a page with pictures printed would be a bonus.

I look forward to sharing with you MY December 2016.
And so it goes.. why do I do it?

I went to bed last night, on the Eve of December, while the kids were still awake. I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.  I had too many deadlines and too much work to catch up on the past few days and it was hitting me hard.  With the intend to wake up with the birds, I fell quickly into dreamland.  Tomorrow is December. Everyone in this household was excited.

And here we are.  I didn’t get up with the birds but I did get up before the sun.  It feels like December now.  A blanket of snow outside with paw prints from the day before.  They say 10 to 15 centimetres tonight. Will tomorrow be the first snow day?

I promised that we would decorate the tree tonight.  Something that Jane is so excited for. Jack on the other hand is more excited for Bucko, the elf to arrive and to dig into his advent calendar. I get the sense that even Rooney the dog is excited because she’s at my feet while I type… this is a far cry from her usual sloth stature taking over our king size bed refusing to budge until well after everyone is up.

You can feel it in the air.  The jingle. But you can also feel the hustle and bustle.  I love it. Everything about it.  I love the gatherings. I love the shopping deals.  I love all the food. Oh… the food! I love the effort that everyone puts in to connect.  It’s the time of month when memories are made.

So what’s my reason why? Why am I documenting my December? I am not sure.  I do wonder why I waste time and money on all, this not to mention I’ll have to buy a new house just to store them all.  But like many things, it fills me up.  I simply enjoy it.  If something makes you happy, there’s no need to look further for any other reason.  Isn’t that what we are all looking for? Happiness.

So Hello December 2016. I am so happy you’ve arrived.

Friday 2 December 2016

A Christmas Moose | #tgifc84

It's a colour challenge at TGIF Challenge blog this week. 
You'd think I could just whip this up quickly but I was in a tinkering mood.


Best of all... did you see those stitched dies?

We always love to see what you do so make sure to link up on the blog!