Friday 31 May 2013

Retreat day one, part one.

This may not keep up but wouldn't it be nice if I can create a post a day showing my progress at Scrappy Dees scrapbook retreat in Springdale, Newfoundland! I have a couple scheduled posts already... so there may be multiple posts... Gasp! Heads up it will likely be photo heavy and perhaps wordy at the start. Maybe I'll give up eventually? Since I am rocking to the "Beibs..." you should click play as you scroll down.

If you are drooling over your 2013-14 Stampin' Up! catalogue, its official that you can place your order beginning at 3:30 NL time today!! So get your orders ready! Click shop now on the right if you dare. :)

It's 1040 am and I've only just thought of this great idea. Waking up in this stunning setting at the Riverwood Inn I've already managed to get my shower... AND straighten my hair. This might mean nothing to you. But I really must be on vacation if I have my shower by 11am. In fact I have my hair straight and that must mean I am going somewhere special! The lovely Deidre Clarke organizes this mess and its awesome. Just waiting for friends here!
I've already decided that it the last day for the Canadian Scrapbooker Let's Get Sketchy challenge for May.  I was in the hunt for pictures when I saw some paper tape in my "goody bag". It reminded me of Christmas. Which I hate scrapping. But I decided to give it a go. Here's where I started with this sketch. Using multiple 4 inch doilies I created the semi circle. And using that Brazill Antique Paper Tape I decided created a border.   All finished at 1pm.  That's wasn't a quick one. Oops.    
What's next? Your guess is as good as mine!

Hmmm... I just checked out Sue Sykes blog (Kewl Beans) and she has an amazing "Life lessons" project with grids and hidden tags.  In the mean time, I am entering this layout in her May challenge.

So, this post, my friends will have to be a "two-parter". Hopefully with less words next time.

In the mean time, check out these photos of where I am staying - the Riverwood Inn.


  1. I HATE that I am not there !! BOO HOO !! Do you miss me yet ?!?! I still cant understand why you don't like scrapping Christmas. Unless of course its the Starbucks Christmas cups. Bahahaha. MISS YOU !!

  2. That resort looks gorgeous! Love your layout - so many awesome details! Thanks for playing along - and by the way... it's SYKES, not SKYES! LOL - don't worry... EVERYONE gets it wrong! :)

    1. Oh Sue, its awesome! Kelly came last year so she can attest to it! oops on your last name - I actually pronounce it correctly but dropped the ball that time. All fixed up!! Glad you popped by - thanks!