Sunday 15 May 2016

Hello Friday. | #witl2016

Friday came with a vengeance.  A day that we dreaded as Jane was off to the children’s hospital to have some fillings taken care of.  Little did we know that before Jack was even up, she had one tooth extracted and another filled along with another appointment to come again soon.

I decided to take the morning easy and sat down with my "The 52 Lists Project" journal. I love using these prompts to reflect in the quiet of the morning. It's a great way to start the day.  Not without coffee though - usually from my Keurig these days.

Rooney still wasn't up when Jack and I were ready to go. That dog plops herself anywhere and assumes we will walk over her.  Problem is, we do.  Whe's 8 years young now so we won't be able to change much of her habits.

This morning wasn't as chaotic as usual because I only needed to pack one lunch and get one child ready.  I had my work items packed in the car in advance.  By the time I got Jack seated in his car seat, I couldn't find the keys.  I mean, I know its hard to believe but every single morning I lose those keys.  I knew I had them to unlock the vehicle but backtracking my steps was proving unsuccessful. I was calling my brother to bring over the second set when I found the darn things in the snow.. of course.

Jack arrives at the Gingerbread House daycare in good spirits.  Quite pleased with the snow patches around so that he can jump in them.  He always likes to take the long way into the building on the ramp rather then up the stairs.  I don't think he's the only kid that does this.

It was a regular working day with a short shopping trip in search of finding an adult skating helmet for a birthday partythe next day as well as a tooth fair pillow.  Jane's first visit from the tooth fairy.  Still growing up, I see.

When I arrived home, Jane was excited to show me her lost tooth and took off for dance.  I enjoyed a little quiet time while Ryan dropped the kids to his mother's as he was coaching.  The hallway was littered with shoes, coats and packages but I turned a blind eye. 

The quiet was short lived as I left to go to my sister's Spring choir concert. It was gorgeous.  The little church is located on the ocean so through the windows you can see a little graveyard and then the crashing waves. The roof was made of wooden planks and you can see the gold capped nails perfectly lined up. Love it.  I have to remember to sit back, relax and take in all the sights and sounds more often.

When I arrived home I helped clean and started my Week in the Life but there was an abrupt end when Jane woke up in vomit. This would continue all night. At first I worried about the tooth extraction but soon realized it was stomach flu.  That's a bummer. 

My album started to take shape as I printed some of the previous pages and began Friday's pages.  Friday's pages are a mix of hybrid and pocket pages. Here's how everything is taking shape.

The stories were written on a single page with some embellishments from the Ali Edwards story kits.

The first pocket page layout largely included photos but I thought the story theme card from the Tough story kit was fitting.

One of my stories for the day was the fact that I lost my car keys (yes. again. for the third time this week).  This photo shows exactly where they were found in the snow.  

This is the backside and you can see how it looks in the album - Saturday begins with the cover photo printed on 8.5x11 matte paper.

Another amazing day despite the stomach bug taking over our house. See you tomorrow to show you Saturday stories!


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