Sunday 15 May 2016

Hello Thursday. | #witl2016

Hello Thursday.

Thursday, I was met with sunshine.
For a moment it felt like spring... (until Friday came).

"I have so many emotions when I bring you to the bus stop across the street from our house.  Sometimes we are rushing out the door but lately we have seemed to have a nice balance.  I want so badly for you to be okay with taking the bus because for the next years of your live, you’ll need to. When I open the door, it feels refreshing. Crisp.  Rejuvenating.  Like Mother Nature is telling me “time to start my day.”

My heart leaps when I see you socializing and making friends.  Relief spreads across me knowing today you’ll be okay on the bus.

I watch you rush to be first in line at the sight of the yellow vehicle. You jump into the same front seat every day. You look back at me and smile or frown.  But usually its all good.  Sometimes your buddies sit with you - even three of you. Those are the days I smile to myself going back to the house.  You are anxiety free. You are happy.  You are growing up.  You'll be just fine."

"Thursday arrived   and the routine began. Lunches packed. Jane on the bus by 8am.  Jack slow to get up. Slow to eat. Slow to get dressed. “I don’t drink coffee Mommy.” Touche Jacky boy.

Work came with a long list of to-dos. Productivity was high.

An afternoon visitor, Miss Margaret brought “bits” for Jack, who scarfed them down like no one ever feeds him. Nanny can’t get enough of him stuffing his face. He is met by cousins, Sawyer and Rivers - they play and make noise until I pick him up later on.  They seriously love each other.  I’ll say it again... cousins the same age is amazing.  

It’s a Thursday so that means its a rush to gymnastics for 5:30.  Ryan stays home and cooks ribs while I chat with the moms at the gym and wait.

Once we get home, Jack is not interested in eating supper.  “That’s Yuck”  But Jane is ready to dance.  And apparently no evening is complete without a little shimmy and a shake in the kitchen.

The remainder of my night is spent making donation jars and posters for the Fort McMurray fire charity event we are doing on Saturday. Running your own business means that work comes home with you - there are no real vacations.

I finished up Tuesday Week in the Life and stayed up too late, as always."  

"This is the first walk my Mom and I have had since she returned last week from months in Florida.  I have the luxury of working in a home office with my parents at their home. We often have impromptu adventures and a walk is often on the list. I always bring my gym clothes so that I am ready for the occasion. At 1 o'clock Mom yelled down to accompany her and her friend to Bowring Park. So I did.

Fresh air.
It does a body good."

Yes. That's my Dad. And yes, thats my sister.
And yes, he went a little crazy and photobombed but clearly didn't think much about posing.
He's crazy.

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