Monday 23 May 2016

Hello Sunday. | #weekinthelife

It took me a week to get back into finalizing my Week in the Life but here we are.  It's the last day of my #witl2016 project. It certainly wasn't how I imagined it would be but I definitely grew from this project. Not only that but I dove into digital head first. And with that, I've got to say "Go Cathy Go".

This is Sunday.

Sunday was much of the same as Saturday.  Ryan had soccer for most of the day. Jane was still very sick and Jack was happy to play around the house.  Not a typical Sunday but not unusual.

Sunday was bath day.

Sunday was a day for clothes on the line.

Sunday was paint your toe nails day. And naked jumps on the bed.  It was day for squeaky clean kisses and cuddles. Sunday was a day when you make your belly talk.

Sunday was the day I taught Jane how to make a wish on a wishbone. My wish was “not to catch this stomach flu” and hers was to fly... she was sadly misled when she realized she couldn’t.

Sunday was the day I used up all the apples and made apple crisp. Something I haven’t done for years.

Sunday was the day I walked around Signal Hill with Sara.  I had forgotten about all the steps, the amazing view and how your lungs and heart explode making it back up to the top.

Life is beautiful isn’t it?  Thank you Sunday.

Since it was the last day, I decided that I really wanted to write notes to the kids.  Just about what they are into these days - their likes and dislikes, quirks and triumphs.  I am not sure how I'll put them in the album yet so stay tuned. 

Dear Jane,

Today you are 5 years old. I look at you and can see you as a teenager and a young woman. I can assure you that you will be a leader of sorts and do amazing things if you put your mind to it. You are adaptable. You are social. You are protective and playful.  You learn very fast and you are focused.  There's no doubt that you are creative.  You don't play with very many toys.  Instead you like to draw,  play on the scooter and watch youtube.  In fact, you are always discussing what you'd like to do on your channel - today, you referred to me as "MommyTube" so who knows where your head is thinking now. You love doing flips at gymnastics and are working hard to get into the next competitive level.  You are not into soccer at all, no matter how much we try to convince you. You love watching music videos by Matty B, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato.. and the list goes on - watching them over and over learning the dance moves by heart. You are witty and a story teller. You've got a lot of energy and a lot of spunk - I hope you bottle that up and put it to good use.  But most days, I'd like for you to learn to clean your room or throw your trash in the garbage. You are a gem Miss Jane and I cannot wait to see what you come up with next. Always remember to be kind and to think about others.  Remember that it's okay to be mad but take a time out to breath. You've got this. I love you more than you can imagine.

Love Mom

Dear Jack,

Today you are 3 years old. You are a big boy but you will always be my baby.  You can play independently lining up your toys and smashing them into play doh.  Or you can play with others like building forts and chasing after the neighbourhood kids.  Lately you don't like to eat the food you are served at lunch and supper.  Everything is "yuck" and "disgusting".  This makes you trot off in complete despair - angry at the world.  Soon enough we hear you saying "I'm really hungry Mommy." When we tell you that you have to eat your supper, you mope around the house all over again. The same reaction goes for swimming, hair cuts and from time to time leaving the house.  You still stick out your lower lip but now I can see the smile behind the frown as you are clearly understanding the attention your "cuteness" is getting.  You love books.  Right now your favourite is Sneezy Snowman, Daddy Loves Me, Winnie the Pooh and any Seek and Find book.  You love the colour red.  You always have to wear a red shirt or pants.  You love Paw Patrol and the Octonauts but you love watching kids songs on YouTube, as well as any toy reviews.  You are a delight and super loving.  Almost anyone can get big hugs and kisses - and if not, its clear you don't want to be disturbed. I can't imagine life without you. You brighten my darkest days and fill up my life with stories of laughter.  Always remember to be yourself and of course, never, ever kick anyone.

Love Mom.

Thanks for following me along in my "Week in the Life" - I'll come back and show you a video of my album very soon.



  1. I love reading your posts and you are an amazing photographer. Your "story" is real and shows the struggle and I love it. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Ahhhhh you are so sweet!! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Cathy I love the notes you wrote to your children, Jane and Jack! A treasure for sure! Through your words you certainly portray their individual personalities. I love to read your posts. You are a wonderful writer.

    1. Ahhhhh you are so sweet!! Thank you so much!!!

  3. Cathy I love the notes you wrote to your children, Jane and Jack! A treasure for sure! Through your words you certainly portray their individual personalities. I love to read your posts. You are a wonderful writer.