Thursday 20 August 2015

Wednesday | #witl2015 words and photos

Wednesday started out much later than the day before.  Ryan and I decided that the kids and big kids needed an extra rest – there was no alarm clocks today.

I am beginning to love my Keurig more than I ever had.  It seems that it’s because I have given up diet coke and moved onto black coffee (I used to be a double double kind of gal).

Washing my hands this morning in the kitchen sink I realized it was time to get all the windows washed in the house.  Isn’t there always something?  These painted rocks are some of my most favorite things. They are painted locally by Diane Budden and represent Newfoundland culture. You can see that I have some jelly bean row houses and a cute church. We also have an outhouse in the washroom.  I love weird things like this.

Today Jack is back at daycare and Jane is at her Aunt’s house.  This week we are trading off days.  I’ll have my niece on Friday and take work off. But I couldn’t let my daughter out of the house without a bath.  Ryan brought Jack to daycare and I got her bath started.

Once Jane was dropped off, Ryan and I faced our challenge of the day.

It’s dump day.

Dig out the garage.

The morning started out great as my father showed up delivering coffee! I didn’t even have to beg him for it! Unannounced delivered coffee is always the best coffee.

Ryan is already hard at it by the time I get there. 

I was over a year looking for my bowling balls.  I kid you not.  Yes, I bowl five pin and I like it. I couldn’t find them over the past year since I picked it back up and after getting through to a regional event, I figured that I had to get my own set.  I spent some good money on them this past Spring and although I am happy to find my old bowls I am not too happy that I chose to pack them with the camping gear from 8 years ago costing me to buy a new set!

We have the recyclables and beer pack and ready to go.

The day flew by and we got through quite a bit. I’ll show you the progress by the end of the week. 

He’s home and won’t take off his sweater or sneakers (Back to his old self again)

And she’s home on wheels and ready to play.  She actually went from her cousins house straight with her Nanny for a special visit to the park.  A little birdie told me that she was smothering kisses on a little baby (frown) and was not pleased when it was time to go home. 

She was starving when she got home as she gobbled down her supper.  She asked for extras of all of it.  Jack only ate all his tomatoes and scrapes of everything else.  He spit out his green peas, of course.

Daddy was at a soccer game so it was just Mama and the kids plus one.  She is a great friend of Janes and they go back and forth between our houses. I love it and they crack me up. They will be in school together soon although a year apart. 

Once they were settled, I was ready to clean until this happened.

I have my name in for tickets to see Live with Kelli and Michael.  I am still waiting to hear on those tickets; however, I got the Late Night with Seth Meyers show tickets for the night before.  My mind was whirling. At first thinking I’d wait to hear about Kelli and Michael.  But then called my mother, whom will be in Scotland at the time.  She thought if I could work it out, I should take my husband for his birthday and our anniversary. Luckily I am ridiculously lucky to have some amazing inlaws and they were surprisingly positive for this short adventure.  They would have to take the kids for 4 days.  After two hours, I booked the tickets on points for a steal at $300!

Here I come New York!!

Next, I see my clothespins half missing on the toy box.  And I grumbled because I didn’t like that the kids were playing with my stuff. I stomped around for a minute or rolling my eyes.

Next thing I know, I see groups of clothespins in different areas and I remembered Jane talking about doing “drop offs” riding her scooter around the house. And I couldn’t help but laugh as I picked all the "drop offs" up.

Kids are funny.

Now it was play time but it was also close to bed time.  You know how you feel that mom guilt when you don’t “just play” with your whole heart and no devices with your kids?  Out came the legos.  Both kids were sat at the table and I began to help Jack with his masterpiece.  Jane was already building a tower. 

“What do you want me to build Jack?”
“Oh, you want to use the potty?” (that would be strange)
“No. Make potty.”

Done kid. Done. And not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

It was 8:30 and still no cleaning and no sign of the husband.  I started to want a snack.  All this healthy eating is wearing me down.  Ryan (aka the husband) had brought me some beloved sour kids the night before – I asked him to give me a couple and hide the rest.  I am immediately regretting telling him to hide them.  Instead, I had a quick glass of wine.  Then frantically searched the kitchen.  No sign.  Thinking and half giving up, I thought and I thought and I thought.  He didn’t go far or long when he hid them the night before.

Voila! I am not a fan of microwave popcorn. And he has a box of his own.  Clearly, I am a genius because there they are sealed in a ziplock bag.

Best Candy Finder Ever award goes to: Me!

In the mean time, I mentioned the word bedtime and Jack began to whine. I’ll let you see how he really feels.

Jane was playing with Baby Panda, an interactive type of toy that purrs and moves.  I convinced them to put Baby Panda to bed. Hand in hand they brought her up and tucked her in.  Jane read her a story and Jack fed her.  I sat on the bed and watched and laughed.  

Then we moved into our bedroom jumping and playing.  I was chasing Jack trying to peel off his clothes.  It was going to be a famous Caines “no pants party”. We were still laughing when Ryan came home. He wondered why the kids weren’t in bed. Simply, we were having too much fun.

Of course, they went to bed easily and Ryan and I watched Big Brother.  Although Ryan was a little busy looking up the sporting events happening in New York while we are there. He’s never been there so whatever he wants to do is okay with me as I’ve been there twice.

Blessed.  That’s what I went to bed thinking.  
I feel blessed today.
How do you feel today?

Goodnight Wednesday.


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