Friday 21 August 2015

Lunch Notes | #tgifc17

In my neck of the woods, it's back to school in a couple weeks.  You will now see parents frantically getting supplies, new sneakers, and haircuts.  I have just joined that club as my daughter is attending Kindergarten.  Kindergarten is a half day thing here, which is quite painful. 

My daughter, Jane, has been attending a daycare for some time now and seems to be ready to jump off into the sunset.  I imagine she's not far from the bar scene as she studies her look in the mirror from head to toe.

But that's just it.  They grow up and I am OK with that.

My son still attends daycare as you would have seen in my post yesterday called The Gingerbread House.  We send a snack and water with him everyday.  They keep telling us to pack more snacks as he gobbles everything down. Every now and then I pack notes for my children but usually they will be a joke or "don't forget to eat your carrots" or "Santa is watching".  The kids can't read so their teachers have to read it to them. 
Today's note says: 
"Remember that its not nice to kick or punch your friends."

Jane was watching me as I quickly stamped the Project Life Grid cards with dinosaurs from the No Bones About It stamp set.  She insisted on having a pink dinosaur, which suited me just fine.  We also agreed that we should use the Silhouettes and Script for some other lunch notes to have on hand.

Here's the cards up close:
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  1. Those little cards are so sweet and thoughtful, love the pink dinosaur too!