Monday 24 August 2015

Sunday | #witl2015 words and photos

Good morning Sunday.
Good morning Jane.

She wakes me up at 9:30am.  I am barely alive.

We all are having a tired lazy Sunday morning. Jane and I are in the craft room.

Jane is working on a card for her Uncle Paul, who just turned 53 and I am sorting through photos and working on WITL.

It’s lunch time and there’s so many dishes that you can’t even move.  Still not quite free from my hangover, I figure today is a great day for KD.  Jack couldn’t agree more.  Jane likes hers without cheese and Jack likes it with.  Jane likes ketchup and Jack prefers it without.

We do some bubbles and we finally get dressed but there’s still not much activity.

Its now bath time.  Something Jack has been hating lately but this time we got him in the bath. However, he wouldn’t let us turn off the water.  He also puts every toy he could find in the bath tub whether they are water resistant or not. Its quite painful actually and it’s a daily battle. He made three special trips for his toys this time around and there was no way I was saying no since he was willing to take a bath.

Jane goes across the street for a couple hours and I do some errands. Next thing I know the two boys are asleep on the couch.

Today I walked the dog just before supper but its been so humid, I didn’t quite cool down until bed time. I never know how to dress in days like this. Cotton. I like to wear like cotton with sleeves so that I don’t stick together.

We go to my awesome in-laws for supper for a BBQ. It’s Uncle Paul’s birthday. Again, everyone is feeling the heat.  We are all a hot mess.

These girlies aren’t sharing today. I don’t have the energy to teach the lessons of sharing so I just take it all away.  They tell me they don’t know how to play with toys?!? What?!? It solved the problem and the arguing was short lived.

He loves chocolate milk but we don’t usually have it in our house.  Nana saves the day and he gets two glasses. Lucky duck.

We come home at 8pm and immediately put the kids to bed. We read Steam Train Dream Train and some Sandra Boynton books to Jack. I’ve been reading Jillian Jiggs to Jane. I am in bed and asleep by 9:30pm.

Goodnight Sunday.
Goodnight Week in the Life.


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