Friday 21 August 2015

Thursday | #witl2015 words and photos


I get up in the morning at 6:22am so that I can finish a TGIF design team project. This happens a lot but I find it productive and works for me.

I see that Jane left her jars of paint open on her craft table even though I reminded her to put the lids on.

Jane gets up not much later and directs me on my projects. Pink dinosaur? Sure, why not! 

My projects are done and we head upstairs to watch So You Think You Can Dance. She loves this show and seems to be drawing her back to ballet and dance.

I put on some hard boiled eggs and bacon.  I also like to have some spinach and the kids like apples. Because this morning was not the normal chaos, Murphy’s Law hit me to make sure I wasn’t getting any wild ideas. In an attempt to add pepper to my eggs, the bottom flew out and caused a flow of pepper all over the already messy countertop. I left it and swore I’d clean it up right after I ate. Nothing happened right?

When everything was cooked and ready I called the boys down to join Jane and I for breakfast. It’s a rare moment when all of us sit down at the same time for breakfast on the weekdays.  Usually, the adults eat on the go and the kids eat on the couch. In a flash I set the self timer and got a shot of all four of us. 

Not 20 seconds later (I don’t even think I had one bite), Jack was looking down on his chair in disgust and yelling ‘peeee’.  There was a river flowing out of his diaper, onto the chair, on the floor and most certainly between his toes and fingers.

Chaos ensued.

Clearly, I thrive in chaos.. but the lunches are packed. #overachiever

We carried on and Jack was dropped off to the Gingerbread House, Jane was dropped off to her last day of gymnastics camp, I was dropped off to work and Ryan continued in the garage at home. My brother, Hector, works in the family business as well.  Mom and him were going over something in the kitchen and I got a silly snap.

I headed downstairs feeling accomplished and ready to tackle the day.  I decided it would be a good time to plan for the next couple days with my Erin Condren planner.

I spoke to my father about work items and it felt like it was going to be a productive work day...

Until the Elephants arrived.

I kid.

My sister and her two children arrived for lunch.  If you are following along, you should know that I work from home or my parents home.  I work in a family business so time can be flexible and there can be distractions.  My sister is a music teacher and luckily has the summers off.  I am super blessed to be able to see her and my niece and nephew on a regular basis.  Can they be any cuter? For real, these two will melt any heart.

On the lunch menu was mac and cheese and some leftovers.  Truth be told, I already had a leftover hamburger around 10:30am.  I usually justify early lunch with early rises.  I really want a diet coke but giving it up for four days already isn’t worth going back to ground zero.

Ryan picks up Jane around 4:30 and my father drops Jack and I off home. Jack joins me in the kitchen but finds some toys.  He lines up the cars and counts to seven.  Jack is not three and has been a late bloomer in the talking scene so I am surprised that he knew how to count that high.  #gojackgo  He lines up the cars and then carefully and one by one places them inside a bigger yellow Mega Block car.  This kid has always been strange in this regard.  He’s meticulous and I think hes going to be a great builder.

Ryan comes home and Jane immediately goes next door to the neighbors with her friend Sophie.  She’s there for the rest of the night. This is the norm in the summer, its back and forth on a daily basis.  We have an open house policy but our house is not clean and we have a 90 pound dog so just be prepared when you come.  We often choose play over laundry. There's always fresh fruit cut up on the table to eat as you please.

Ryan and I eat together. Jack is too busy on his iPad now.  I need the break so I am okay with this as there’s no devices at daycare.

I decided to finish my wine outside. Its very odd but I haven’t had wine after work or in the evenings for a long time but its definitely a ‘kick’ again.  Ryan grabbed the camera to take a picture but caught me in mid sneeze. You gotta love it.

I head out to find a filter for the fish tank. Unsuccessfully.  That poor Betta fish is swimming in filth and its not great parenting.  It must be higher on the priority list. I promise I’ll try tomorrow to find one.

When I get back home Ryan is trying to coax Jack to have a bath.  He hates baths lately.  He hates water in fact.  It’s literally a two person job of kicking and screaming.  We all get soaken wet.  I wish I could have taken a photo but we were all wet, of course.  Once he got out, I had a nice cuddle with him until he laid on his floor to fly a plane around.  I watched him from the hall and admired him.  So cute.

Soon Jane came back home.  She usually gets walked back by Sophie’s older brother as well.  I get the sense they all play together.  We get the kids ready for bed quickly so Ryan and I can watch Big Brother and relax.  This time Ryan reads to Jane and I read to Jack.

We watch Big Brother and enjoy each other’s company until we fall asleep.

Goodnight Thursday.

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