Sunday 23 August 2015

Saturday | #witl2015 words and photos

 Good morning Saturday.

Today the children woke me up with their baby panda bear wrapped in a blanket.  They were so cute and as always I felt blessed.

Today, like many days as of late, I woke up with hives. Allergy pills, Omega 3s and a vitamin.  I should take all this more often but I don’t.

Today they are excited to go to Marine Park.  Jack is proud of his picture he drew of water and Jane insists on drawing fish on top of the water. Jane draws a lot but Jack doesn't do a lot of that so I am happy with his scribbles.

Today I cleaned the fish tank.  A task that had been on my to do list for quite awhile.  I know that the little betta that Santa brought us is delighted.

Today I sit outside with Tim Hortons coffee that my husband Ryan went out to get. Its very windy today but lovely.

Today he drives. He always does. We go to Marine Park for water, sand and snacks.

Today Jane and I play in the water but it’s freezing cold.  Jack never stepped in for a second.

Today Jane ran and ran and splashed and splashed.

Today I can’t find my other sandal. I leave it on my foot hoping it will be found.

Today we go to watch Daddy play soccer. We have supper at the field. It’s Tim Hortons turkey BLT and kettle chips.

Today she’s learning how to use the zoom.

Today he’s playing with five cars in the bleachers.

Today Uncle Hector comes to watch with us.

Today I have a soccer team party. We talk, eat and have drinks.  Home by 1:30 but not in bed until 3am. Ryan friends were over so I thought I'd hang out. Yelp!

Goodnight Saturday!


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