Sunday 23 August 2015

Friday | #witl2015 words and photos

Friday’s stories.

Story of this photo | This is my favorite place to sit.  In front of this chair is the fireplace and to my left is the TV area.  This morning Jack perched himself there and I wondered if he liked it as much as I did.

Story of this photo | He hates getting dressed sometimes. Lately he doesn’t like taking on and off his socks, sneakers or hat.  In this photo Ryan is working hard to get his sneakers on to go to The Gingerbread House. Ryan will take him today and then pick up our niece, Emma for a play date with Jane.

Story of this photo |It’s time to go through all the toys.  We are teaching her about her blessings and how she can help the less fortunate. Today we gave Sugar Crisps (her choice) in the food bin at the grocery store and we picked out 5 toys. We are trying to be consistent in this message – you always need to think of others in every decision and always find the time to help others. I think she’s getting it but she tends to come back to “I am lucky because I have a house.” More work to do here.

Story of this photo | Jane gets dressed and checks herself out in the mirror.  As you can tell, she is “something else”.

Story of this photo | Emma arrives and they head straight to the legos. We love legos here.

Story of this photo | It’s a beautiful day so we head to Lester’s Farm to go strawberry picking at the U-Pick.  We must wait for the wagon ride to the strawberry patch. (A great opportunity to go to the port-o-potty, yes?)

Story of this photo | This girl is regularly posing like this and exclaiming “Peace out YouTube!” She is hinting at wanting to make youtube videos..

Story of this photo | We ride the wagon and Emma leads us to sit straight behind the tractor.  I love these girls.

Story of this photo | We pass the cabbage patch.  I always admire patches of vegetables and greenery. You can never have too many pumpkin patches.  Amazing.

Story of this photo | We pick a full bucket.  The girls continue to use the term “I win”.  There’s a lot of competitions and challenges lately.  Note to self to work on teaching “being a better loser than winner” and being gracious.

Story of this photo | A beautiful adventure and both girls are very pleased with their accomplishment today! Aren’t these beautiful?

Story of this photo | My niece Emma.  She doesn’t realize how beautiful she is. Stunning. I tell her every chance I get.

Story of this photo | After ice cream and a couple errands, we arrive home and Ryan has the clothes on the line.  So awesome.

Story of this photo | Lunch is make your own sandwiches. Have we had this everyday this week? With a side of freshly picked strawberries, of course!

Story of this photo | The girls play in the swimming pool until its time for Emma to go and Jane to gymnastics.  There are some fights and time outs required but overall these two and fantastic.

Story of this photo | Another day at gymnastics with Jane. This is her last session of the summer. She is quite pleased with her footwear choice.

Story of this photo | Not a minute from getting home, Jane’s friend is over and playing. We made steak and fries for supper. We add a chair to our four person table to share with her friend.

Story of this photo | Jack is busy building roads. He is very safety conscious and wearing his helmet lately.

Story of this photo | At 8:30pm Jane’s friend leaves for the day. Jane likes to drop her off at home.  The feelings are mutual when Jane is at her house.

Story of this photo | He doesn’t like bedtime.

Goodnight Friday.

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