Monday 22 July 2013

Stampin' Up Artisan!

Woooohooo. Wooo ew oooooo. Repeat.

This keeps going over and over in my head!


It's true.

2013-2014 Stampin' Up Artisan!

Life is changing and so is In The Cat Cave. Don't worry. The same projects and fun and humour will be here. But more awesome and regular projects!

Don't know what Stampin' up is? Well drop me an email or comment or simply follow along in this adventure!

Want to join the fun and live in Canada? Just email me at

Now. Here's some fun pictures of the craziness! Still in the beautiful Salt Lake City so I'll be back soon!

Sorry a mobile post. Not so fun!

Here's the inside and outside of the box we received after we came down from the stage... Wow! Loved it!
Ohhhhh the bracelet that was inside!!!!
And look - a customized stamp!!  Love! This is coming home with me in my carry on!

Myself and Sarah Douglas, Shelli's daughter.  She's pretty awesome!!

Some of our gang that came from Newfoundland - a total of 19 of us took the trip down!

Catherine and Cathy.... Aren't we cute?


Doing make and takes....

This was before I actually received the honor... geez, if I only knew! I got to hang out in the special 'recognition room'

Waiting to hear the news...

On Sunday we were lucky enough to see the amazing Mormon Tabernacle choir doing their broadcast. Ah-MAZING!

Loved this saying at Riverton in the Stampin' Up Head Office.

Yummy cupcakes after awards night... well.. they were a little too sweet...... (wait for it)... I am sweet enough already! HAHAHHAHA!

Look-y, Look-y. It's Justin Krieger, Catherine and I from Catherine and Cathy Create!  (Darn, we missed Anna and Tiz missed on this picture... :)

Yup, people were just hanging from the rafters.

Peek a Boo PAULA! HAHAHA. Hanging out at Riverton.

At my display board.. I wasn't crying at ALL! I just thought it was so special to see my daughter and son on the pictures for all to see.

THE END called for confetti, of course! (it didn't sound like gun shots at all. Nope. I wasn't scared.)


  1. Yay!! What exciting news!! Congratulations Cathy! I am very happy for you. Let the fun creativity begin. I wish I was there this weekend but I was in the road. Finally got to Philly! Many blessings to you in this new and exciting journey. :)

  2. Woohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations - I look forward to seeing your creations.

  4. Congratulations, Cathy!! Looking forward to seeing your Artisan projects :-)


  5. Cathy, so glad to be there to share your special night. Your work is AMAZING! You definitely deserve to be a SU Artisan!!! XO, Tiz,

  6. Sincere congratulations on being named one of the 10 Artisans for 2013-2014! I loved what I could see of your display board and thanks for explaining how the Artisan competition goes. My upline, Mercedes Weber, was chosen too! She hasn't posted any pics yet, but can't wait to see them. It was so much fun looking at yours and reading your captions. I'm seriously planning to go to Convention next year, Lord willing! Again, Congratulations :-) I'm looking forward to seeing all your creations! Vicki Plaugher, Fremont, CA

  7. Woweee!! What an unforgettable experience!! Congratulations to you sweet lady!!