Friday 5 July 2013

Anniversary Party: Part 1

Love is as the
Ever changing...

30 years since they were married. 

I couldn't think of a better reason to celebrate.

These are describing events of the past thirty years.  They will be strung across wedding rope connected by decorative trees.  What a fantastic idea!!
I thought that it would be a good idea to use my American Crafts glitter tape on the clothspins to hold them to the wedding rope. 

This party is about six hours away so these are all the options and samples. I won't be in attendance!!
 The color scheme is black and white with a pop of blue... no signs of blue yet!
Well, although these are nice we thought that we could double up the centrepiece with the "thank you chocolates".  Good idea, right?
Another idea we had was that the couple didn't want a bunch of cards so instead they wanted beach rocks painted black.  Then using metallic markers the guests would write their best wishes on rocks.  The rocks would then be used in her garden. 
Here is some pictures of the assortment of pictures frames she will be having.  Notice that you should always have varying height levels to please the eye.
Here you can see a neat way to showcase a picture that I discovered from a pin on pinterest... and I looked to link it and guess what? I can't find it.  Darn!!  You can see that there's a flame behind the photo.  I used a flameless candle.  The effect at night will be really cool!! Finally there's a pop of blue in these pictures as I found some fiber ribbon at Rossy here in Newfoundland.  What a SCORE!!  The cashier thought I was nuts because I bought twenty rolls.  But I tell ya I had the cashier and the three ladies behind me that it was a fabulous find.  Great for table runners, for in your christmas tree, etc.
We are also using this dress form to show the dress that she wore.
And lastly is the little votice candle that we had engraved with the words of the 'scroll' of their wedding thirty years ago.
 Happy Anniversary!

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