Friday 28 June 2013

Team Umizomi recap

You never know what the kids will be into and this time it was TEAM UMIZOMI. A friend and I brainstormed and we came up with the following that you've seen along the way! First up were the invitations.

Next I made a banner that looked like Geo's belt and the "Belly Screen" from the show. I also strung some numbers through the sewing machine to create a garland.  I cut those numbers using the Stampin' Up die called Typeset.  This is now retired. I used the big shot to run several pages at a time.

 Next we have the infamous Geo's belt and Milli's ponytails - Aren't these sweet?  

In order to do Geo's belt, I got some long felt from walmart.  I then used a rotary cutter to measure them at about 2 inches wide. To cut the circles perfectly, I used the big shot machine and the circles die.  The belt was just hot glued together. The belts had velcro on them so they could pull them on and off. 
The Milli headbands were a little trickier.  I covered the head band with ribbon.  Then I put two pipecleaners in each "ponytail".  I measured the width at about 2 inches and the length was 8 1/2 inches.  I hot glued the pipecleaner in there so that it didn't move when I began to sew.  Using a quarter inch foot on my sewing machine I sewed around the entire length except for the top, which I allowed some pipecleaner to pop out.  That's how I adhered the "pony tails" - by twisting this around the headband.  When I folded the pony tail around you couldn't see this.  Make sure you hot glue this together as extra security.  Finally I added some Stampin' Up trim. So cute!
Next were some little numbered sticks for the cupcakes!
And that's it!! Night!

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