Saturday 15 June 2013

Paper Pumpkin Mini And Scraps

I cannot tell you how impressed I have been with Stampin' Up!'s monthly kit called My Paper Pumpkin. And I truly mean it!! Its great for beginners and even for those more advanced... Here's why - the first two kits were sets of five cards but this time it was a mini journal.  This time you weren't told what you had to put on each page (although I believe there are templates out there).  Instead I used my own creativity...  And within three hours I had printed mini pictures (thanks to my Canon Selphy), as well as create the journalling and full 8 page album (I added a couple vellum cardstock).

Not to mention that I LOVE the stamp that came with it.. LOVE, right? (Gosh, I just sounded like my friend Catherine).

Well, here's how she went... I largely used just the kit and embellishments plus some extra cardstock, vellum and ribbon from Sale-a-Bration last year.

This album was created special for my grandmother's birthday.  She cook us turkey dinner for every event and she loves it when the grandchildren (now adults) come with her great grandchildren.  Last time we were all together was Easter.  So I created an album of that day and the moments that perhaps she missed. But mostly so she had a little album of memories. Click on the images to get a closer look.

There's lots of little tags and banners within these pages so I thought I'd play along at My Pumpkin Challenge for their tags and banners challenge.  You have until the end of the month to play along.

I have lots of scraps... I might have to hoard those polaroids... I mean.. I will use them.. I vow to you.

My Miss J has her first music recital today.  She is NOT even three.  I will have a video.  And I expect it to be hilarious. This was a class where she should had been three but had been doing well in class so we all thought she could handle it.  And when we say "well", we actually mean that she was talkative.  We gave it a shot.  Well, I snuck out in the first couple classes.  And that just tipped the scales.  Two months of pushing and prodding and tantrums and bribery... we finally got her back in that class all by herself. And you know what? She did awesome.

BUT thanks to her teacher... Miss Sarah.... she helped me to get her to open up.  And I have to thank her for letting me sit in the corner for all those classes.  And watch. And wait. Not to mention "play the game" to get her in there.  Thanks for not pushing us back  into the younger class. Not only that but once she got in there, she loved every minute and gobbled it all up.  Miss Sarah didn't know but I was very stressed out that my Miss social butterfly J was not wanting to go into the "big girl class" by herself. I second guessed having her home with me all day instead of in daycare.  I struggled with wondering whether she will be handle to handle the next levels in swimming and gymnastics.  It was quite the ordeal at the time.  So thanks.  On the day she finally did the class by herself I just wanted to swing her around forever. I was so proud.  Not only that but the 20 minute wait for that darn ice cream cone... as well as the calories... was well worth it.

Thanks Sarah.

Her card was based off the MojoMonday 297 sketch and used the leftovers of the Paper Pumpkin kit.  I used Basic Grey cardstock as well as machine stitched the border.

Talking about scraps... There was two pieces of chipboard in the paper pumpkin box... so, I grabbed them and some paper I had and attached them together using binder rings and my crop-a-dile. I covered the cover and back with the Epic Day This and That paper.. (love).  She's a music teacher so I grabbed my Stampin' Up! music wheel and rolled over the cover and a little bit on every inside page. And of course personalized it using the Stampin' Up! Sketch Alphabet. By the end of it all I created a special journal/notebook special for her.

Oh... and I told her she might be "famous" today so I popped a tag in her card stating so. (You never know.. she could google herself one day) In case you ever don't know what to do with your ribbon scraps... I do this all the time... tie your scrap ribbon on a paper clip. Awesome.
And so... my husband just popped down.. and I quote "surely you can whip something up for the kids when they are done..."?!?  What? And in Miss J's words... "Sure I can." These are made from a couple Stampin' Up! punches but uses a Studio Calico stamp I received in the Planetarium kit.... Kind of makes me want a little sugar boost as well. 
I kind of felt like the Moms on "Toddlers and Tiaras" giving their children a sugar rush with the pixie sticks.. except its other children.


  1. Oh my God Cathy - I am SO jealous of that awesome mini album !! I just LOVE it !! (Yes I know thats my word ... just deal ;P ) xoxox

  2. Cathy, love your little album! Thanks so much for the wonderful idea for scraps of ribbon. I keep those in a little baggie and dont use them often...till now. Loving your creative ideas. Tx for linking to My Pumpkin Challenge. Eeek!! Blessings!!

  3. I love your little album! Thanks for the idea for the ribbon also. You are so talented! I am excited to keep following your blog. I also loved the story about your daughter! She sounds adorable.

    1. Thanks for popping by Doxie!! Glad you liked it!! :)

  4. Adorable! Such a cute album. I too love the idea for ribbon scraps! I think my daughter will like it too! Thanks for sharing! : )

  5. Fyi: your beautiful album was my Awesome pick for My Pumpkin Challenge. :) blessings!

  6. You can buy some of the 3 drawer things that are approximately 9x11 and put a color in each drawer, the only downfall to this type of storage is a 12 inch scrap has to be curled or cut to fit.

    1. Ahhh - Thanks Jayce! I do have one of those and use it for scraps now. Funny enough... great minds think alike! :) Although mine is three drawers of 12x12. The first drawer is cardstock, the second is white,black or vanilla colors ad the last one is patterned paper. Its crazy!! Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment!

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