Sunday 16 June 2013

Happy Father's Day!!

"Did you know it's Father's Day today Miss J? Whose your father?"
"It's my DAD!"
Good girl.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!
But a special thanks to my husband, truly the best Dad out there. 
And of course my Dad who no longer has to put up with me as much. (Lucky)
And my father-in-law because "there ain't no flies on him". Cool as a cucumber. If I could only be so.. argh.  Well, if only I could be a cucumber.
Which is why my husband is the best.
This idea was from this pin... and it says "We (heart) u Dad"

The beauty of my husband being at soccer all the time is that we have the opportunity to make surprises!!! Like when ... surprise........ Miss J turned the place green!!

We salvaged one out of this mess!

But we moved on and I gotta tell you that my heart lit up like a Christmas tree as Miss J was gluing and exclaimed... "I love this Mommy!"
One for Dad of the Year, Poppy and Gankey.  And lucky them. They get to wear them.

Oh. And a special outfit that I couldn't resist for Mr. J.
... I hope we win on those lotto tickets..



  1. Love all of these....the painting by Jane...adorable, the picture.... stunning but oh those me all tied up with love, love, love. You got one fantastic little crafter there!