Sunday 30 June 2013

Stampin` Up Artisan Design Team Finalist

Just popping in to say...

... I`ve been selected as a finalist for the Stampin`Up Artisan Design Team!  What an honor to be selected in the ranks of so many talented people.

How it works... well, there`s 20 selected and 10 will be part of the team.  They will be announced at Convention in Salt Lake City in three weeks.

What does that mean... well, it means a ton and certainly a lot more regular projects! I don`t really know what it all would mean so I am not going to worry about it unless I have to. In the mean time, I am enjoying being recognized... and will indulge myself in a new dress for the party.

Miss J and I are busy making a card for Great Nanny`s birthday.  I can`t be sure but I think she`s 79 or so.  I`ll find this out later. She choose Sketched Birthday.  Good choice.  Some washi, a piece of scrap ribbon and a few markers.

 She`s a natural. Ummm.. I might have my work cut out for me.  I know that Great Nanny will love it. Can you tell its windy in Newfoundland..É (my question marks aren`t working... Mr. J`s fingers found their way to my computer and now he`s done something funny. Huh.)


  1. Still freaking out !?! Can't wait to share (aka live vicariously) all the Artisan fun with you in Utah !! xoxox

  2. Aawww that is awesome!! Confratulations. Very happy for you. :)