Tuesday 2 May 2017

Celebrating Ya-Yas | Simple Scrapper Creative Design Team

Every month, I contribute at minimum two projects to the Simple Scrapper Spark magazine.  This magazine is distributed to the Simple Scrapper community as a guide for inspiration.  It includes sketches, story starters and differen tools in order to bring out the best in you while exploring this hobby.

However, I have been forgetting to post these layouts.
With every month, I set new creative goals and this month I am going to catch up.
Right?!? Errr.

Although I can't share with you the sketches or story starters, I can assure you that they are amazing jumping off points.  In fact, I was very much happy with my start on this layout.  However, when it came to adding some layers, I didn't want my polka dots to get lost...  I heart polka dots so much and I just love that paper.  

Tips & Tricks:// Use vellum as a layer when trying to follow a sketch in the event that you don't want to lose much of your background paper.

The story of the Ya-Yas was prompted by the story starter. I can hoenstly say I am grateful to have this story on paper.  Its been several months since it occurred and already the little details have been lost.  Regardless, its a story that I hope I can remember for many many years.

Truthfully, its really about the words on this page that makes it so special.

It was a secret that lasted for months. 

My mother-in-law, Nancy was born in the United States.  Her two sisters, Cathy and Terry continue to live there with their families. The history of this is long and complicated but know that they didn’t grow up under the same roof for many of those years. However, they have developed a sisterhood that can only be envied.  They call themselves the Ya-Ya sisters and typically only see each other once a year. This particular year in 2016 was a difficult one as they lost their Mother unexpectedly. Of course, they seemed to have grown closer through those Summer weeks.

When the Fall came, Nancy had a planned Florida vacation with my family.  She was very much looking forward to the escape.  What she didn’t know was I had been planning with her two Ya-ya sisters to also join us.  

My husband reminded me not  to tell his father now his sister.  They are not known for keeping secrets.

Plans were made with Cathy for flight times and meeting places. However, Nancy was curious as to our plans for the days on the vacation. I had plans but she couldn’t know them yet. 

Keeping the secret began more and more difficult as we made it to Florida.  We arranged to meet at a restaurant; however, the restaurant wouldn’t let us be seated without the full party.  Trying to keep Nancy out of ear shot, I had to explain that there was a surprise going on and we needed to get seated... Cathy and Terry were in slow traffic and a little behind schedule.  Eventually a Manager knew what was happening as I had called the day before and let us into a room without any other customers.

We waited and delayed ordering for the two mysterious ladies to show up.  They both wore large sunglasses and wigs to disguise themselves.  And it worked. Nancy didn’t catch on at first but when she did, the tears flowed and the emotions were high.  The waitresses and staff were happy to see the reunion and I knew the secret could finally be shared.

Nancy got to go to Disney World for the first time with her Ya-Ya sisters.  She enjoyed the beaches, sunsets and drinks.  Making this trip to Florida a memory she will likely remember forever.

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  1. What a great story Cathy! I also love the idea of using the vellum! :)