Saturday 6 May 2017

What's OnStage? | Stampin' Up! OnStage

Every six months Stampin' Up! hosts regional events around the world called "OnStage". In April 2017, I went to Toronto to attend.  Yesterday, I posted about my adventures as I arrived into the City and after this event. Check out my adventures here.

Today I am talking about my Stampin' Up! OnStage portion of that trip.

"... Saturday morning we woke far too early for vacation.  We popped into the Subway station finding a Starbucks along the way.  It was grey and we weren’t awake. Finding yesterday’s train was unsuccessful so we hopped into a cab. Gosh.  I love people driving me around.  We arrived at the event by 7:30am and waited in line to grab our goodie bags. I watched the pockets of people flowing in and out of the line.  I saw them peering at the volunteers giving out freebies wondering whether they’d be lucky enough to get one. I saw a lady with an oversized box shifting her packages from one line to another. People were on missions but it was too early for me to figure out why. They were excited. You could feel it in the air. I remained focused on drinking my coffee because I knew there wouldn’t be any inside. Paula and Colleen were in the “P to Z” line while I was on my own in the “C” line. It was a race to see whose line would get to the front.  I would win. Of course...."

As people scrambled into the room they searched for the perfect table.  I cozied up in the back so that I could make a quick exit to the washrooms or perhaps to make sure my high pitched squeals and giggles didn't distract anyone from the presentations.

On the tables was a centre piece proudly showing some of our new ribbons and trim.  Each person had their own little placemat.  On either side of the sign was boxes. Carefully they were wrapped with a message.  They must have learned from previous events.  You were not to open these until you were told. 

At the front, you could see two large screens and in the centre there was a large stage.  Behind the round tables were the display boards which included boards for featured products as well as display boards showing samples using new released products.  There was plenty of inspiration and no matter how many times you went back for a look, you found something else you didn't notice before.

To see all my display board samples please see the following posts.

This year was Stampin' Up Canada was celebrating 15 years. Amazing. But what was even more amzing was the cupcakes and treats that were distributed. It's the little things my friends and this act of kindness was appreciated.

By now we had received our planners and new catalogs.  Presentations were largely on screen in the morning and I was having a hard time keeping my focus.  I took the time to continue practising my brush lettering. My listening ears were in full swing..

It was during the OnStage event last November that I first met Martha.  However, a quick hello never really counts for a proper meet and greet. We've been speaking for months with the Artisan Design Team so it was like we already knew each other.  It was so nice to swap stories and of course... treats.

The ladder part of the day included the fun part.  Making things. Crafting. What we are all here for. To touch and play with the new products. 

And then it was over.  We all piled out of the venue saying out goodbyes. We were happy to have left with plenty of product and motivation.

Like most adventures, I thought it was important to document the memories.

"The day continued as Stampin’ Up! released new products along with the new June catalog.  We each left with a prize patrol and I found yet another hole in my shirt. Sheez. Can’t take me anywhere. Lunch was much better that last year and coffee was added to the menu. I caught up with old friends and new friends. By 4 o’clock, the sun was still shining outside and I was anxious to get moving. Thanks Stampin’ Up! Until next time.                              Saturday, April 8, 2017"

And just like that it was over.

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