Saturday 6 May 2017

Toronto. A Three Page Story. | International Scrapbook Day

Today is International Scrapbook Day and I am hanging out with my friends at Creative Scrapbooker Magazine.

My layouts today are 8.5"x11".  I've choosen this album size since 2016 and it seems to be working well for me.

This "one page" layout turned into a 3 page layout with a sort of 'title' page and then a story.
.. one lengthy story.  I've included the journalling below in case you wanted to follow along.

I started to build my layout by looking at my photos and deciding if there were any "focal" point photos.  In other words, a photo that could stand alone.  It was almost easy as you can see the three of us standing in front of the Toronto sign.  

Secondly, I began to write.
.. and write...
... and write some more.

It was unending. 
My initial plan was to do a pocket page but there was too many words. Plan B was to create a sort of map. But that failed too as it was spread almongst two pages.

Once I finished the journalling in a Word document I opened up two pages in Photoshop and played with the text.  Once I was happy with it, I printed it to my every day printer.

Some might say this could be consider a hybrid layout.
You be the judge.

Using my Canon Selphy I printed several other 2x3" photos.  Although I didn't use most of them, I stuck what I considered the most important ones.  Since I am wild and crazy, I cut the photos out using my... scissors! gasp!

Eventually, I was happy with the placement of all my photos. I used dimensionals to pop them off the page.  

Using some speech bubbles from Ali Edwards story kits, I considered this ultra simple layout complete.

The timing couldn’t have been better – a weekend adventure to Toronto.  With only an hour of sleep the night before, I was surprised at my energy when Colleen picked me up early evening. The sun was crashing through the window as we headed to pick up Paula.  No need to be concerned about flight cancellations, you would think. We were wrong. A short delay - but that gave us a little more time to catch up and unwind.

With no checked luggage we scampered onto the Up train to Union Station.  Then down into the subway to Dundas Street. It was raining now and reminded me a little of a travelling scene from the Harry Potter movies. Finally, arriving into our boutique hotel room at the Bond Place Hotel. The hotel lobby was small and uncomplicated.  One man was on the desk and was oddly accommodating as he passed out tap water to each of us. The hotel room was composed of a queen size bed and two twin beds.  A bathroom with a sliding door without a lock. Perfect for a family of four and interesting for a group of three.

It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep. Goodnight Thursday.

It was Friday when I woke up to the other two yakking.  Soon the door would crack open as a housekeeper tried to enter.  Come on now. It was for certain before 10am. Definitely time for a beautiful breakfast. Fran’s was just around the corner and did not disappoint.  A perfect 24 hour diner with freshly squeezed orange juice made right in front of your eyes.  I wonder how much those juicers cost They don’t even peel the rinds off.  Across the street was the iconic Massey Hall. The billboard outside said “Live at Live Hall: Joel Plaskett Solidarity Tour”. Yes please.  We snagged tickets and headed to H&M.

Over an hour of sweating inside and outside the fitting rooms, I could finally say I was done.  Why is it always so hot in stores?  The sun was shining again but it was time to make our way onto the Go Trains to Exhibition Park. 

Sometimes I wonder about us three.  Perhaps we need a chaperone.  Or at least a time keeper.  Maybe a navigation expert.  We sat on the train while it stopped at Exhibition Park.  When the train slowly started to pull away we looked at each other and said “Was that Exhibition Park?”. Across the cement walls, we saw the words passing by.  It sure was.  Stopping at Mimico, we raced across the platforms to catch a train the wrong train.  Then we raced across again chasing another. Eventually making our way to Exhibition Park where I would set up my samples for Stampin’ Up!’s OnStage event to take place there tomorrow.

Back to the hotel we go and out to Montecito restaurant.  It did not disappoint.  The waitress had a hard time smiling but she felt important so we played the game.  Wine and drinks with charcuterie and steak tartare. Just give me all the wine. Yes. I’ll take it all. 

It was a hop, skip and a jump to Mrs. Henderson, a play that we had booked the week before. Always an adventure when you didn’t know you’d be watching women prancing around without their tops on.  We left the play and dragged Colleen away from a basement bar with the base so loud I felt my belly inside my head.  Down the street we ran into the “Toronto” sign.  A stranger showed off his photography skills to his girlfriend as he genuinely wanted to take our picture for us.

Back at the hotel room, I dropped into a slumber for our early rise the next morning to Exhibition Park.

When the event was over, we walked over to the Train Station and headed back to Union Station.  It was a breeze. We had finally mastered the train.  Stopping at Blaze pizza for a bite before landing ourselves into Massey Hall for Joel Plaskett.

Before going to the concert, I contacted an old friend who likely introduced me to Joel Plaskett.  Joni and Matt were downstairs with some friends.  I joined them for a beer and simply couldn’t contain my excitement of seeing her again.  Joni is a forever friend and up for any type of adventures.  Time may pass but you never know when we’ll be together again.  Thanks for the beer Joni and until next time.

Upstairs we climbed to the second balcony.  We were close to the stage and could see all angles. We plopped into the classic red velour seats and looked at each other when we realized that the backs popped out and the seat cushion moved forward. I marveled at the fact that I could see everything. I saw people’s reactions to the songs and who was using a camera or not. CYou could hear all the yells and banter.  A perfect venue and a perfect concert. 

The night didn’t end there. We walked to Lena for a last call where we drank tequila and some drinks. Tequila. As if that is ever a good idea. And Thelma and Louise over there were shooting extras while I was in the washroom. They would live to regret that later, I am sure. Next we moved to the Hard Rock Café for vodka.  By now we have a case of the giggles and wander our way back to the Bond Street Hotel.

When I woke up the next morning, the Blonde was asking the Brunette at what time she moved out of her bed.  It would seem that I missed out on plenty of bed time conversation. It was Sunday and we were heading home early evening but there was much shopping left to be done. I circled around my bed and watched Paula guzzle some water then tuck herself back under the covers.  “Not today Junior.” Colleen and I headed to Adidas on the quest to find the perfect pair of triple white ultra boost sneakers for my husband.  It was the last quest I needed to claim Wife of the Year.  Apparently this feat was difficult but settled on a similar pair from Foot Nation.  Feeling quite pleased with myself, we headed back to nab our sleeping beauty.

She was a state but ready to rumble. We wandered down to Queen Street and almost walked directly into a sign stating “Hangover kits available here”. Well then. Sure thing, chicken wing. 

Yeah no. That didn’t work.

I do like to shop and talk. So we did.  Blu Boho was lined with perfectly casings of jewelry. The door showed a fresh coat of paint and inside there was a navy blue velour couch with pin cushions.  I watched a photographer come off the street to take photos inside. I couldn’t help but agree that there was something about this place that was perfection.

“You are loved” the bracelet said. So, I bought it for Jane. A perfect gift.

It was now time for me to meet my cousin while Colleen and Paula headed in their our direction.  I was waiting in Nordstroms but it was simply to hot for me and I wandered next door in the Eaton Centre.  Inside people were waiting in line for what seemed to be flowers. With a closer look I noticed they were making flower tiaras to celebrate the arrival of Spring.  With nothing else to do but wait, I hopped in line until Amanda arrived. I watched ballet dancers come and go and volunteers handing out gerbers. Light was streaming from the roof into the foyer and I couldn’t help but think how lucky people have it here. So much opportunity and so much flavor. When Amanda arrived, she looked at me unsure whethershe wanted to join me or not. Oh Amanda.  Just go with the flow. We placed the real flowers around a stem using wire to secure them in place.  When they were done, we plopped them on our head and took a snap. Gosh.  We are a beautiful little bunch, aren’t we?  For the rest of the day I wandered the stores with my flower tiara.

By the time I had met back up with Colleen and Paula, I was zonked.  It was coming past the time we were to meet to catch our cab back to the airport. And all the while, they had been downstairs attending church.  It was indeed Palm Sunday. It’s a funny day. It was a day where we really just didn’t know where we’d end up.. making tiaras or attending church in the bottom of a hotel.

Until next time Toronto. That was truly fun.

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