Friday 21 April 2017

Hello Thursday: Stories and Photos | #weekinthelife2017

What is Week in the Life?:// Week In the Life is a project created by Ali Edwards where by you document a snapshot in time. Capturing mundane details of your everyday and perhaps your not so mundane moments.  This is my story and my photos for #weekinthelife2017. To see my #weekinthelife2016 stories and photos you can check out it here: #weekinthelife2016 

My house is in shambles.
My computer is slowing down because there's no more space on it.
The overwhelm continues.
But like yesterday, today we are going to see icebergs.... right after I go to the dentist for a regular teeth cleaning. That's the plan anyway.

I did manage to wake a good hour before Jane hopped out of bed.  When she came downstairs Rooney the Dog followed.  Three of us cuddled on the couch for a half an hour.  It's so fun to watch Jane connect with the dog.  Rooney adores her and its because of the attention Jane gives her these days.  I wonder where she gets her "ohhhh, you are such a good Rooney Dog.  You are okay. You are okay.  Just breath Rooney." Then I realize it's me. She's me. She may not look like me but she's for certain me.

Once Jack got up, both kids began building a City.  This room is just off the porch and is constantly look like an explosion happened.  But if you look closely you can see that there are little figurines placed carefully inside plastic containers, which are then placed inside a truck or an Octonaut pad. You will see like-minded toys lined up together ready to 'Save the Day'.  Today, Jane was working on an airport for Jack's lego helicopter... which looks nothing like a helicopter.

This room sends chills up my spine with all its unorganization and disarray but it's also like a piece of art.  I just wish I could walk through to grab a coat off their cubby hooks.  Here I am remembering that some day they won't be playing with toys and to just let them play... turning a blind eye.

My teeth are clean and it's time to make the 35 minute drive to Ferryland where the massive iceberg is floating.  We planned to take in the drive, check out the ice and grab some fish and chips on the way back.

The photos will never do these icebergs justice but the size of them were unlike any I have seen before.  I am disappointed in my myself that I couldn't find my fancy long distance camera lens.  But that's life at the moment.  The kids thought they were cool but they thought the rocky beach was even cooler.  Beach rocks are pretty cool... so soft and round.  Perfect. The beach was not quiet. You could heard the beach rocks rolling into the beach.  So cool.

It was not warm so we didn't stay long.  Next stop was Riverside Convenience and it was busy.  In a moment of Mom intuition I grabed the post-it notes I had brought to make my grocery list in the car into the restaurant, as well as some markers to help the kids pass away some time.  

This. This my friends... is the most impressive drawing I have ever seen by Jack.  This is Ryan.  He carefully placed a dot smack in the middle of the circle to make his nose. He raised the post it up in his hands and looked at Ryan with one eye. "Yup. That definitely looks like Dad."  Yeah kid.  It sure does.

Tonight would prove to be something new for us. Jane has one of her friends sleep over. This is definitely not unusual but it is the first time that Natalie would sleep over.  It just so happens that her brother is Jack's bestie also. We swapped kids for sleepovers.

Here's the kicker.. Jack has never slept over anywhere besides family and is very much a lover of his own bed.  "I am not sleeping over Mom.  I just want to stay a couple days." He says.  Makes sense Buddy. We assumed we'd be picking him up at some point but we didn't expect any problems and we were right. Soon the boys were filled with candy and popcorn. By 10 o'clock, William drifted off to sleep while Jack was still playing with toys.  Finally he says, "Can I go to my house now?"  God love him.  He's so predictable but I am so proud that he got that far.

I can't even deal with their cuteness.

Jane and Natalie on the other hand are busy playing with toys and practising gymnastics. When Natalie found out that the boys were enjoying candy and popcorn, she said "That's not fair Mom! We've only had healthy snacks!" Like a sucker, I gave in to the pressure. But honestly, stove top popcorn is my snack of choice despite my chips picture yesterday.

The girls fell asleep around 11pm and I spent the next two hours in a state of chaos.

I stayed up too late tonight. I'll pay for that tomorrow.

Goodnight Thursday,

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  1. Awesome as always! And I don't blame Jack, I love my own bed too! ☺️

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