Thursday 20 April 2017

Hello Wednesday: Stories + Photos | #weekinthelife2017

What is Week in the Life?:// Week In the Life is a project created by Ali Edwards where by you document a snapshot in time. Capturing mundane details of your everyday and perhaps your not so mundane moments.  This is my story and my photos for #weekinthelife2017. To see my #weekinthelife2016 stories and photos you can check out it here: #weekinthelife2016 

Wednesday was not a good time.

I had intended to be up at 5am to finish up some noon work deadlines but instead I opened my eyes at 6:55am and scrambled to throw on some clothes. I flung my hair up into a bun and grabbed breakfast on the way to my parents home office.  While trying to meet the lunch time deadline I was handling crisis after crisis.  The phone doesn't ring at 5am so that would have make a world of difference to me in meeting that deadline.  Instead I spent the remainder of the day as a whirling dirvish.

As I scrambed to find what in this house would be worthy of finding the insides of my belly, I tossed at least a half dozen tin cans whose expiry dates was long overdue.  Needless to say lunch was mediocre.  Trying to get a moment to breath, my lunch nearly went tits up when I noticed my toe peeking out of my sock.

Damn it.  That was the Earth's way of telling me to take care of my toes.  A couple weeks ago Jack told me " Whoa Mama, your make-up on your toes need to be fixed." Kudos kid.  I know.

After lunch I had 100 things in my head that needed to be done... I drove down to our local scrapbooking store called the Paperie to pick up a card kit for a class I am teaching on Saturday.  I am so not ready but 'on the fly' is my jam...

Lesson Learned Number 1:// Constant State of Overwhelm
This project is making me realize that I am feeling the 'constant state of overwhelm'.  I've got to do a better job at managing my time and perhaps setting more realistic deadlines... Perhaps this might be the lesson of this #weekinthelife project.  I realize that I should say 'no' more often but I don't want to. Maybe more realistic deadlines is the key for me to find balance.  (Does balance exist?) I also have the sense that I always have to be doing things with my family.  If we have a morning or afternoon free, I always feel a tug to tick something off the adventure list rather than play a game of hide and go seek... but we do play that too.  

Well. I'll be.  Do you see that? That's the sun?  It peeked out for about a solid 3 minutes yesterday afternoon.  I'll take it.  At least it gave me reason to wear my new sunglasses I purchased in Toronto last week.

Jeanette was in the store today and as always she was a great distraction from my to do list.

When I walked into my home I immediately saw the dreaded Girl Guide cookies that sit in my porch. I have no idea who to sell those cookies to.  I've asked too much already so I am trying to get Jane to do the dirty work.  I must remember to take time out to help Jane go around the neighbourhood.

Do you want to buy a box of Girl Guide cookies? #argh

I parked myself on the couch while I waited for the boys to come home.  They had went for a drive to Signal Hill before dropping Jane off to gymnastics and were also responsible for supper plans. The big guy entered the house and exclaimed "I found the flavor you were looking for!?" and plopped a family size bag of Lays chips on my lap.  The little guy brings me two toilet paper rolls to use as my spy goggles.  One for me. One for him.

Needless to say there wasn't much rest after that.  Lots of rushing to and from gymnastics, work and baths. Ryan went off to coaching while the house continues to look like its in shambles.

 At 10:45pm I slowly got myself off the couch to go up to bed.  To my surprise, this guy was still up... surrounded by his toys.  He popped his head up and pointed to a small spot near his pillow "I still gotta place to sleep up there.."  In other words, its not too many toys in his bed.  We couldn't get angry. I helped him clear up his toys, placed him under the covers in his little coccoon and turned out the light. Off to sleep he went.  He was tired.

He's so funny, I can't even stand it.  He's very particular and I don't think that my controlling ways are going to help him develop.  I don't believe that my 'rules' are good for him all the time. He likes things just his way.  I'd never let Jane have stickers on the wall or toys in her bed.  It's almost like its his way to soothe himself.  I can't explain it.  The doctor told us that he's simply sensitive and we have to remember that... This is me trying to do that.

Goodnight Jack and Goodnight Wednesday.

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