Thursday 27 April 2017

Hello Sunday: Stories and Photos | #weekinthelife2017

What is Week in the Life?:// Week In the Life is a project created by Ali Edwards where by you document a snapshot in time. Capturing mundane details of your everyday and perhaps your not so mundane moments.  This is my story and my photos for #weekinthelife2017. To see my #weekinthelife2016 stories and photos you can check out it here: #weekinthelife2016 

I made it to Sunday.
Truth is I've been busy.  Too busy.  Soon I must say no to things. Not the fun stuff though. I like the fun stuff.

I started the morning at 6am by creating a project for the Stampin' Up! Artisan Design Team.  It's a great way to start a Sunday morning actually but I didn't like my project.  And I still don't.  You'll see in a few weeks. With that, I wanted to truly torture myself by creating a YouTube video. They are tough to do and time consuming but I need to do a better job at keeping my channel filled with new content.

Once the 13 minute video was completed I took a quick look to make sure that my camera wasn't upside down... That has happened too many times to count. Nope.  Not upside down.  But did it cut off... it sure did. Perfect. Bloody f*#king perfect.

By now the kids are up. At 4 and 6 years of age, they can occupy themselves for a little while.  I need to remember to put the orange juice lower in the fridge so that I don't get nagged to death in the mornings for a drink.

As always, we typically have at least one big breakfast with the whole family on the weekends. Its a small thing but I always look forward to it. This time I was in charge and I made a smorg-ous-borg of meat.  It was nice.  The four of us just slamming some eggs and toast. But the hustle was about to begin.

All four of us piled in the car at 10:30am to make the first drop off as Jane went to gymnastics for three hours.  Next was Ryan to go to soccer. First game of the season, he says.  Jack and I were left to kill a couple hours.

Costco it is.
Bad call.
We quite literally parked in the second last parking spot.
That should have been a sign of the bump and grind games I'd have to play inside.

Quick fact here.  Newfoundland. That's where I live.  Picture a large remote island in the Atlantic Ocean with approximately 500,000 people living on it.  On the whole island... now you tell me how its possible that we have one of the top busiest Costcos in the World.

Alright. I'll tell you.
Because we are downright wingnuts.
And its hard to get good produce.
And we plan our weekends around Costco.
Not me.  Not anymore.
But man.  The grapes were great today.  So were the strawberries but not for $5.79.

With still some time to kill, we ran to Michaels as I had a couple things to pick up for friends. It was worth going there just to see Jack in his element.  Man. This kid loves to shop.

I picked up the other child and back home we go.

Immediately I have declared a "Mommy Gets a Time Out." Nobody is to enter the bedroom for 20 minutes. Costco did me in. Or was it my kids? It's so hard to tell.

I love my bedroom and I love this view.  I basically re-mortgaged my house to get the house fitted with drapes and blinds last summer but it was worth every penny.  Someday. Someday... I repeat... someday I'll finish putting up the wall paper....

You could probably tell it was raining today.  
Oh and that black magic ball was wrong about the snow being gone by Friday.  That dirt pile was still there irritating me on my lawn. I wish I can tell you that the rain would beat it down... but I live in a much higher elevation than rainy Costco-land. It's snow here. It won't last but for certain it's a bummer.

I am reminded that I haven't moved much all week.  I need to make this a priority.  I know that but I always just don't make it a priority.  Yeah. That's true.  I should do something bought that. With the dreadful weather, there's not much motivation to get up and go.

However, I walked and then I ran.  Walked some more and ran again.  A solid fifteen minutes of running is quite enough for this girl.  Rooney the dog joined me and as always was a perfect companion.

Before we all headed to bed Jack joined me in my craft room to make a card for his friend William.  He seems to be more interested in holding a pencil these days so now I just roll with it. He's carefully making sure that he destroys the nibs of every single one of my Stampin' Up! markers.  Thank you Jack.

Good night Sunday. Until next time Week in the Life.

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  1. I'm loving your blog. It is so honest and "normal" You're giving me the courage to start scrapbooking my pictures. Thank you for sharing... don't change a thing!

    1. Oh Sherry. You are so kind to write those words. I wish you the best in your scrapbooking! I know you can do it. Look at it more like keeping memories... maybe that might help! Until next time!!

  2. I just found your blog via Ali Edwards WITL. I love it! I love your journaling. It's like I'm sitting here with my cup of tea and you're just having a chat with me. You're hilarious. Plus I can totally relate to the "State of the House". Mine is like carnage most of the time with 6 going on 16 year old twins. The Mess! How or never, tonight is that night I shall tackle their bedrooms. AND the are going to help! (That's the plan anyway!) Love from Ireland! Heidi

    1. Awwww. Thanks so much Heidi. You made my day! I hear ya on the toddler teens... :) LOL But two of them. Poof! You have your hands full! Until next time! - Cathy