Saturday 22 April 2017

Hello Saturday: Photos and Stories | #weekinthelife2017

What is Week in the Life?:// Week In the Life is a project created by Ali Edwards where by you document a snapshot in time. Capturing mundane details of your everyday and perhaps your not so mundane moments.  This is my story and my photos for #weekinthelife2017. To see my #weekinthelife2016 stories and photos you can check out it here: #weekinthelife2016 

Saturdays look like this.

I slept for almost 12 hours.

But I still found it hard to get going on this Saturday.

Soon I was out the door to take the kids to soccer.  
I forgot my phone.
We had an amazing time and I would have liked to capture that. It was a parent and tot session with Jack but Jane joined in.  We played tag. A lot.  Jack's laugh is one of those types of laughs where you wonder if his belly is going to take off. I must remember to play a simple game of tag more often.  It's as awesome as hide and go seek.

We left soccer and were ready to make some lunch decisions.  Either rice or sandwiches.  We picked Manna sandwiches and we had to wait in a long line to get it.  But Jack didn't mind because he thought there was a chocolate chip muffin in his future.  He was wrong.  Instead he and Jane got an amazing donut.  To my surprise after Jane's first bite of donut she said "The sandwich was better. Best sandwich ever."  

"I couldn't agree more Jane.  It turns out the best sandwiches are right in our own backyard."

Let me just say it again... can you believe that I forgot my camera today at soccer?

Yes, those are movie glasses with the plastic popped out.  She wears them all the time and someone even complimented her today at Manna Bakery.  I wonder if she knew the difference...

Soon we were on the go again for Jane to go to her own soccer. She was quite pleased that the shorts matched her shirt so perfectly.  She directed me to put her hair in a hair pony hair. "Yes my master", I say.  

But no little girl should go to soccer without her sparkly shoes.

Finally she left and I was left with this guy clearly tore up about it.. Just chillin'.

My supper was atrocious. Perogies and insta rice with microwaved peas and carrots. Boo.  I have to remember to meal plan and get groceries.  Lately it seems I don't have time for the tiniest of things... no planning has been done all week.

It can't be bed time without a selfie with Mom.

Much of the night I was designing projects and cutting wedding programs... its a regular thing in my life.

Good night Saturday.

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