Monday 15 April 2013

Thirteen on thirteen...errr

I decided that I would try the "twelve on twelve" project this month. (Thanks to Sara Case-Strickland who introduced me... check out her April one!) This is where on the twelfth of the month you take twelve pictures to document your daily life. Things were going well until I hit the fifth or sixth picture.... I realized it was April thirteenth not twelfth. Hmmm. And so it's thirteen on thirteen.

1. My 5 mth old gets up at 8:15am, after a lengthy 12 hour sleep. I am truly blessed... for now..
2. Miss J tucks her baby Ola in for a nap (a regular occurence.. she's a little Mom)
3. Because the little guy likes to play on his own, I decided straightening my hair would be a nice change for a 'be a mom' type of day.
4. Finally took my tulips I treated myself to out of the Christmas mugs and into a proper vase. Tulips remind me so much of Spring and the markets... I miss the Halifax market. Hmmm.
5. Miss J's lunch "really good lunch, mom'... well, what was it? tomato & vegetable soup, a bowl of tomatoes and a quarter tomato sandwich... hmmm.. I think she likes tomatoes.  
6. De-cluttering... trying to get rid of toys. Next up is coats!
7. Team Umizomi. A new TV show favorite.  
8.  Checking out the backyard.. the dog has the yard a STATE! There's a lot of work to do before we have Miss J's birthday party
9. Miss J and Mr. J - first adventure in the backyard... a bomb-y 4 degrees.
10. Miss J says "Look Mommy, he got my sunglasses on.  And my bracelet!"... he's thrilled.  
11. Ryan chats on the phone with Uncle Bob who tells us they are giving our family a piano! Aren't we the lucky ones?  
12.  I took a pair of socks out of my door... and look what came out? I was too tired to change them. No wonder we are getting caught up on laundry.  "People" are pairing socks willy-nilly!
13. Continuing to work on my quilt topper. Finished the borders! Also working on two other toppers at the same time.

Mother's Day Mini Album

If you are looking for a Mother's Day gift, I am now beginning to take mini album orders. For $75, you will receive a 6x6 inch ring album with 20 pages (10 pages double sided). This does not include adhering your pictures.  Should you want your pictures adhered you will need to print them and label them for an additional $25. The album pictured is last year's album so it will not be exact. All albums will include a Mother's Day card.  Please allow three weeks for delivery. Payment due on pickup.
Should you want a more condense album, the "Rivers" album is an option for you.  This is also 6x6 with 20 pages; however, it is bound by fabric tape rather than a binder.  The cover would also be cardstock similar to the pages.  In addition there is no page protectors. See my "Happy Birthday Rivers" post for more details.
And of course, if you need a Mother's Day card - they are $3 each or 8 for $20 (can be assorted).
You can email me at for more detail and to place an order.
Have a fabulous day!

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