Saturday 20 April 2013

Paint can loot bags

I set out to make my top secret "box" project... which may or may not involve paint.  Looking at the paint can I quickly got distracted because I started thinking how cool would mini paint cans be? And hence, the final result was paint can loot bags for art inspired birthdays!!
I topped it off with some ribbon and a tag!  If I were filling these loot bags, I would simply buy some art supplies like paint brushes, markers and some coloring pages rolled up and tied with some string. Super cool and easy!

I say easy... and they were... but I tried to take a short cut. Not a good plan.  The problem was I knew better but I went ahead and did it anyway... I used Miss J's washable paint on the tin cans because all I had to do was squeeze.. hmmm... they looked great when I went to bed... and then pretty darn awful when I woke up. Here's the before bed picture... lookin' good right?
And here's the morning picture... not so much! (Special thanks to my model)
So let this be a lesson to you all!!! Don't take shortcuts! To adher the pipe cleaners, I just used a nail (I used a screw because I didn't want to waste time finding a nail in this house) and a hammer... (ladies... always hide a hammer somewhere... better yet, get a pink one... so no man will take it). Easy peesy.
Oh and at the end of the day, I just used the leftover paint that I used for my son's bedroom.  I took my paint brush and just slapped it on, willy nilly.  Awesome.

So cute!

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