Thursday 18 April 2013

An Umizomi birthday

With a child on my lap, just popping in to some some samples I did last night for a Umizomi birthday!! These invites are in the shape of Bot's Belly Belly Screen!  The buttons are popped up and is a cute and easy birthday invite. You could also put your child's face on the screen!

I also used felt to create Geo's belt - you really only need some fabric glue but I used stitching to adher the strips of felt, as well as the velcro.

I also created some party hats with the Stampin' Up "Big Top Birthday" paper collection.  As well as some ribbon and buttons. The elastics aren't in yet but you get the picture. You can customize every part of a birthday party!

And..... part one of my fun fun adventures.... what am I doing with this box? I can't WAIT to show you! :) My husband thought I was nuts but he thinks its cool now!! :)  This is my first project for Miss J's birthday party!
Happy Friday! Is it Friday?  I just don't know anymore.

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