Saturday 6 April 2013

Rainbows on the wall

One day in February, I came home to an excited Miss J. "Come Look Mommy, Come Look upstairs what I did!!"

She had been drawing rainbows (and so proud) on her wall behind her bed with crayons.  (What my husband was doing, I don't know... she often reads books so he probably thought she was doing this)

Well...  calmly, I said "uh oh, you don't use your crayons on the wall - only paper and crafts."

"We gotta clean it." she said nodding her head.

And so off we went to get the Mr. Clean erasers.  We cleaned it all up and I said "I'll tell you what, we can draw a picture of a rainbow on a piece of paper and then tape it to your wall.  Right above your bed!" Together we colored the rainbow.  Miss J actually drew the arcs for the rainbow (I was impressed for two and a half) but Mommy did the clouds.

Once we were finished, she was so proud! So I took her picture with it. And I said "Let's go put it on your wall now."

Jane looked at me and said "No Mommy, it go up there.  Pointing to the ceiling.  The rainbow continued to remain in the foyer of our house.  Right before you go up the stairs on the ceiling.

And she has not colored on her walls or anything else ever since.  It just might have worked.
And finally, just a little fun thing to do with your "bunnies".  Based on this pin, I re-created the bunny.  My husband cooked eggs and bacon on Easter morning (he's the greatest egg-maker) and we put this together quickly.  How fun it was to eat up that little edible guy!
Have a great day!

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