Sunday 5 June 2016

My Sister and I | Simple Scrapper June 2016

This layout was created about a year later than when it was taken.  Its funny how I feel like we are having the same conversation and connection one year later.

We are sisters.
But also best friends.
We look similar and have
similar interests.
We have kids around the same
age that enjoy each others company.
We are always trying to be supportive in our journey to a healthier life.
Through thick and thin,
we are there.
I am so lucky to have a sister
that loves me the way she does.
I am so glad that she
lives close by and we can
enjoy each other’s company in a blink
of an eye.
She is my sister and she’s my rock.

Note: In order to get access to the sketch and story starters used to create this sketch, you must be a member of the Simple Scrapper community led by Jennifer Wilson.  I can assure you its worth it. Contact me if you would like more information!


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  1. Your posts are always so inspiring!! Love this layout and the blessing of having your sis close by. :) hugs!