Friday 14 February 2014

My Paper Pumpkin: All About Love Project #3


I am back at you to bring you some inspiration from the My Paper Pumpkin challenge! This month's challenge is All About Love... I just love this card... I think because I love the sayings and I love the wood veneers that came in the January kit!

Here's a little peek into our Valentines...
There's a wee bit of decorating that is going on... but it all needs to be at high heights to stay away from Mr. Man who likes to destroy all things pretty.
I also have a super, awesome, cool friend... you may know her... Jane Lee! Yes, she designed and prepared a Valentine Class for a company called The Wood Connection.  Since I don't live anywhere close, she sent me up the kit... along with some little extras...

Here's the cool valentines kit called 'Kissing Booth".  All the wood came raw so I had to paint, distress and apply the vinyl.  Great job Jane  can't wait for the next one!
Now the mustache and the hat did not come with the kit but rather... it was part of my valentines gift for my husband.  You see, I went away for a week and he decided he would grow his facial hair.  Upon my return he left a mustache.  A mustache that I was not too fond of.  After multiple requests, he finally got rid of it... so I gave him this gift so he'll always have a mustache whenever he wants.
Now for the record... this man looks a little scary in this picture...  Hes a little not impressed with my gift.  In the spirit of Valentines Day, I documented ten reasons why I love him... And I think you all should know. But its not the only reasons... and he does drive me nuts too... maybe next week I'll write a list of that:

1. Love the way you command the kitchen when you make bacon and eggs
2. Love the way you always “half cough laugh” usually when talking to my Mom
3. Love that my family respects you
4. Love watching you use a screwdriver, hammer, saw, etc
5. Love that you drive me. Love it even more when its to Starbucks or you deliver.  I like feeling taken care of or provided for.
6. This is a big one love that you are willing to have the kids all by yourself while I travel. Thank you.
7. Love that you don’t complain (usually) when I ask you to make me popcorn or bring me wine
8. Love that you are willing to fight me but not too much.
9. Love watching sports with you.  Love watching you play sports.  I am proud of you for coaching and playing and being so passionate. I can’t wait to watch our own children together. 
10. Love you for loving me.  Love you for loving our children. Love you for loving my family.  Love you for loving your own family.  Because for me, family is everything, and its so important that you take the time to remember the small things and hang out with them.  Thank you for going to the Lighthouse, thank you for playing cards on New Years, thank you for taking all the phone calls, thank you for helping your Mom & Dad move furniture and thank you for taking watching Rivers, etc, etc.

Now... to get ready for our overnight stay!

Love to all and enjoy the day,

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