Tuesday 4 February 2014

Artisan Wednesday Wow: Love You to the Moon and Back

How cute are those blog buttons? 
Thank you to Jeanna Bohanon for creating them!

You should have come here from Becky's blog - if not, came sure you go through all ten posts.

Now when I saw this stamp set, I had to have it.  I think every mother's heart melts when they hear the saying "Love you to the moon and back" because it couldn't be more true.

But I wanted it BIG. I wanted to SCREAM it from the tops of every mountain.
Well, that didn't happen as I cannot enlarge stamps with the power of "shutting my eyes wee-eally,wee-ally tight and chanting.. I think, I can, I think I can."... not yet, at least.

This will have to do!
I actually created this while at a Sale-a-Bration even with my uplines!!  
Thanks for the inspiration everyone! (I went from table to table gathering supplies & scraps)

Keep hopping along to Cindy... its her BIRTHDAY!! So send her lots and lots and lots of love!


  1. So cute! Really bright and cheerful!

  2. I love that set too! Might be one to stay on the studio shelves after it retires!

  3. So fun! I, too, love this set. Although mine tells me that he loves me to the edge of the multiverse (which is apparently bigger than the universe) and back.