Monday 16 December 2013

Project Life: Tabbed Card

Today at Stuck on U Sketches is another Project Life Challenge!

A Tabbed Card!

Wow.  I just typed a whole paragraph and it disappeared. 
To create the tabbed card, I used Stampin' Up!'s envelope punch board!!!  So awesome!!

It makes life so easy when you want a tab.  Check out this post on index cards to learn how!

Many of you may be thinking about giving project life a try in 2014.  I have to tell you it certainly is easier because you can make beautiful pages with journaling.  It captures the special moments and the every day moments. 

For me, I love the style... and I have learned to LET GO.
Can you believe it?
I no longer feel overwhelmed that I haven't scrapped this moment or that moment. I don't do things in chronological order.  I sometimes scrap the same pictures over and over. 

So, should you decide to give project life a try...
Give yourself a break...
And not necessary to do every day and every week, etc.

The end.
(Phew. It never deleted..)

1 comment:

  1. You funny! Thats exactly my thoughts. I was considering it. Where do y get the divided sheets. SU doesnt carry them anymore sadly. :/ love your page...and all your scrapbooking. This last yr I also let all go about being chrinological or what. Im glad Im not the only one. I have never scrap the same pic thou. Lol! I thought about it.
    You r awesome.!