Tuesday 17 December 2013

Artisan Wednesday Wow: Frosty the Snowman

Some of you may have seen this cutie-pa-tootie on the Stampin' Up! Facebook Page. He's already famous! :) I've been piling the different size kraft boxes for awhile now and finally got inspired by the Mommy and Me Kits that I have been creating locally to create my very own Frosty.
When I created this, I was running out of time and ran downstairs while my husband watched the kids..... until my three and a half year old little Miss J snuck downstairs...

... she colored for awhile and finally asked me "what's that Mommy?" By this time I had the three boxes painted and adhered them together using hot glue. I had the buttons and eyes done, as well.

With an eye roll, my reply was "It's a snowman".. "obviously" I muttered under my breath. I was annoyed that my Mommy time was.. well... not so much.

Her reply was "Well. (eye roll) It doesn't look like one"

FANTASTIC. (might as well throw another eye roll in there) "Daddy, come get this little girl!!"
To create the body, I covered the boxes (2 extra large gift boxes + one kraft gift box) with gesso making sure that you could see the brush strokes and the kraft boxes through the paint.

To create the hat, I cut a couple top note dies and scored some lines.  I then created a "box" on top of his head.  This was all informal so I don't really have much in the way of directions for you.  However, my guideline is usually to cut everything at 2 inches (x 5.5") and then score it a quarter inch.

Notice that the nose is made of three different shaped buttons so that it has some dimension. I used the Fine Feather stamp set to create a couple feathers in the hat!!

Have a great day and keep hoping to Cindy and the rest of the Artisans!!


  1. This little fella is just adorable!

  2. I have to say LOVE IT!!!! Sure is a snowmaaan...I know all About the eye rolling having myself a 7, a 5 and a 2 yr old who ask me often " why r u ALWAYS stamping...eye-rolling...to what I reply: why r u always playing with dolls. Hihi!!! Kids are awesome!!! Especially curious when u have an idea in your brain and JUST WANT to get it done. Lol!! Love the snowman AND the story. :) i relate!

  3. YOU ARE COOL - totally COOL - crazy, but COOOL