Monday, 16 September 2013

Happy Wedding Day Gillian & Bud!

I had the privilege of decorating for the new Mr. & Mrs. Bennett's wedding this weekend. They had their location at a lovely farmhouse shown below! The meal was a pig roast and so burlap was a key ingredient to the wedding to give it a rustic feel.

I've posted some things before so if you missed it here's the links:

This is photo heavy but enjoy!
The venue at Lester's Farm Chalet

I created seven bouquets using the Stampin' Up! burlap and organza ribbon.

This was made with whatever was on the table!

These are the wedding programs, just a little bit of twine goes a long way!

(If you weren't sure, this is the flower girl's wand)
Above  are the boutonnieres I made for the groomsmen.  Below is a quick shot of the tables.

The head table had lights twinkling under the skirt and I tied the burlap theme with this banner. There was low vases on the table so that the bridesmaids could place their bouquets.

See above for the refined burlap table runners, as well as the ends tied with twine and a bit of greenery.

The planned centrepiece is on the left but ran into trouble when the weather was too humid causing condensation, as well as the fans blowing out the floating candles.  Instead I forgo the candle and opted to top all of the centrepieces with baby's breath.

The bride and groom wanted to show their roots so on the fireplace we place a mix of pictures and lights.

Here's the table that had the guest canvas (in lieu of guest book), as well as gift table.  Try using lots of heights, as well as a bircage or something different to collect the cards.  Remember to tie it all together for a nice transition from the guest tables to the side tables.

And finally, here's the final seating chart but the pictures don't quite do it justice.  This seating chart is sitting on an old piano.  By the end of the night there was hundreds of lights on this piano surrounding the chart... It looked super neat! Don't forget the small details.  I love to use my strings of pearls and jewels!


Ohhhh, I do love weddings!!


  1. What an amazing job you did decorating. I love her's so "comfortable". Bet the guests were wow'd....I sure am! - Rexene

  2. Whatever you touch it turns into gold. You, my dear are Queen Midas.

  3. WOW Cathy, I LOVE everything! I want to get married all over again and have you come design my wedding like this fabulous one!

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