Monday 23 September 2013

Christmas Organizer...what?


I was in Minneapolis this past weekend and I saw some snowflake decals. And I caught myself saying in my head "Gosh. I cannot wait for Christmas."

The start of Christmas for me is always when Starbucks has their holiday cups out.... I simply cannot wait.

I just have to mow through this Halloween candy first.
Anyway, I have started to feel some Christmas spirit so I began decorating this Christmas organizer cover! This 40 page organizer has five sections including calendars, cards, entertainment, decor, gifts/packaging, etc. There's plenty of pages for your notes and some little pockets to store gift receipts, tickets, etc. Here's the pictures of the insides.

If you aren't so crafty but still want the organizer, its $20 to purchase from me! Enjoy!


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