Monday 9 September 2013

Project Life: Use Office Supplies

This week`s Project Life challenge at Stuck on U Sketches is:

Journalling every day is a big thing for Project Life.  Although I am not documenting every week I am still trying to document life. For me scrapbooking IS the journalling and everything else is gravy.  What helps me is turning off any noise and looking at the picture.  I always get inspired.  When writing my journalling I always turn on music... but appropriate music... Gangham Style probably won`t work unless you are flicking glitter everywhere. LOL.

This is personal but it is how my mind went through the emotion of my son turning 9 months old. Don`t be afraid to have the journalling as your focal point vs. the picture.  Remember you are doing this for you and your children.

Listen to the music while you read. :) Maybe it will inspire you... 

Nine months has gone by so fast. You are so gorgeous.  You are already melting hearts.  But I am afraid mine might be your biggest victim.  I rocked you tonight and the night before and the night before that.  You seem to be growing in a blink of an eye.  Lately you find a little nook in my neck to fall asleep. You are my little teddy bear. I love you so much.  I feel so lucky. Truly lucky. Rocking you at night reminds me of the best of times. And I can tell you that these are the best of times.  But I imagine that our future is bright, fun and amazing.

What’s 9 months looking like for you? Well, you have four new teeth trying to bust through your gums. You are also trying to crawl all over the house.  We think you are more like swimming but it doesn’t seem to be cramping your style. Your favorite toy is Rooney’s dog dish, it’s even better when there’s food and water in them. You are going to be needing those teeth because you love food.  We can’t walk around you with food because it’s imperative that you have some too. You grunt and “num-num-num” while you eat. It’s hilarious! At a solid 23 pounds and 29 inches you are wearing size 18 months clothing and size 4 shoes.  Your sister is still hugging and kissing you every moment she gets but she’s reluctant to share with you.  She takes your socks off every chance she gets. You aren’t a huge fan of this and are starting to let her know how you feel. You aren’t saying a lot besides grumbling and squealing but you are saying Daddy and Mommy when you really want us. You raise your arms to indicate you want us to lift you up.  You have everyone drooling over your calm cool style. Oh and the way you tilt your head when you smile. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Mommy, Daddy, and Jane love you so much.


  1. Oh Cathy...the journalling is beautiful! I love this layout! Great job my friend! - Rexene

  2. Oh my heavens, this is so incredibly sweet. I wish I could journal like this. Perfect!

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