Tuesday 13 August 2013

Artisan Wednesday Wow... a Beginning

Well, let this be an overwhelming beginning...  for my friends and family whom aren't familiar, every Wednesday for the next year, I will be posting projects as part of an Artisan Wednesday Wow Blog Hop.  Each of the ten designers will post projects and you are invited to hop along to each blog.  The projects are based on a box of product that we are sooo lucky to play with each month.
Did ya get that?
How lucky are we?
For me, I have lots of projects that I'd like to do but don't always have time... First up, is a special gift that I am giving a special bride and groom.  This is a twist on a traditional "guest book".  Guests will sign the canvas with gold markers and it will then be something that can be hung up and cherished by the lovely couple!!
I bet you are wondering what's going on... Here's a close up:
Here's some quick steps on how you can achieve your own... note these are QUICK!

1. Purchase a canvas of any size.  Be careful and make sure that its already 'primed'. If not, do an application of gesso before you go.

2. Decide what to use for your background.  I went with Quadrefancy Speciality DSP. Using your paint brush, apply a coat of matte medium or Mod Podge on the canvas.  Stick your paper on.  Try to start from the centre to avoid air pockets from forming.  Don't be afraid to use LOTS of matte medium. Apply another layer on top. That's not moving anywhere.

3. Layer, Layer, Layer. Keep applying layers as you see fit. I wanted to create a heart.  Therefore by hand I cut out a heart from the Modern Medley paper.  Since I wanted a pop of color, I added SU real red ink to gesso.  Then I quickly painted the heart. (See pic)

4. Ink it up!!  Be careful, in the Stampin' Up! arena, your Classic Inks are not archival - they are water based.  Therefore, they will react with other mediums and water.  Lots of time, I want to see reactions!!  But if you DON'T, use an archival ink like Staz On. In this case I did not want any reaction for my Morning Post numbers showing the date of the wedding day.  

5. Apply background stamps and give it "your style" - I only wanted a little bit of "art". I used my background stamps from the April My Paper Pumpkin, as well as Everything Eleanor. Like me, many people like to doodle on their pages.  I used the Basic Black journaling pen - I used the marker side and then used my finger to blend around the heart.  Be wary of my conversation of archival vs distress pens vs water based pens.

6. Embellish as you see fit!! I needed to be basic because there will be signatures on top of this so I stuck to the ruffle ribbon only.  

The End. Easy Peezy.

Uh Oh.

I mixed up WAY WAY WAY too much gesso and real red refill ink.. so I took a 12x12 piece of white cardstock and applied it using a paint brush.  I then went on to create a scrapbook page. Did I mention that I love white and a pop of color?  

Yeah. That's still true.

Click any of these photos to enlarge.

Umm... yeah... still more left... so, I used the burlap ribbon, Sketch Alphabet and created this cake topper.  To make the red heart, I punch out a small heart out of cardstock and used it as a mask. Using my paint brush and leftover paint I created the red heart.  Note that I simply used Staz On to create the 'L,V,E'

This post is unusually long.  Don't get used to it! SORRY... I just couldn't waste my paint!

But.... did you love em'?

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  1. Oh My...you created up a storm! Everything you made is just awesome! That sb page blows me away.

  2. All these projects BLOW ME AWAY! I want to create like you. LOVE!!

    1. Thanks Jane!!!! Glad you love them... the bar might be set too high now. I guarantee this won't happen every time!

  3. Each. And. Every. Project. Is Amazing! You are an amazing crafter! You inspire me more each day to get out of my comfort zone and break out some gesso, some ink refill and get messy! Great job Cathy!

    1. Ahhhhh Thanks Alanna!! You are too nice!!! And funny!! I like you. ha! No, seriously. I do!

  4. That has got to be the BEST guest book I have ever seen! The bride and groom are sure to love it! All of your projects are amazing!!

    1. Awww thanks Bree - I am enjoying your hop too!!

  5. Wow Cathy awesome projects! Way to start things off with a bang!

  6. WOW! You are so ambitious! I super LOVE all of these great projects! I was in awe at the guest book (the bride and groom are so super lucky) but then I scrolled down and saw the scrapbook page, and gasped. . . Did I mention I LOVE your style? The scrapbook page left me speechless, I love the white on white with the pop of color from the paint (I may be copying this idea). And then, to top of two already amazing projects I scrolled down to your cute little banner! Well done, well done. You've began with a bang Cathy!

    1. Bahahah! Thanks Becky!! Won't be like this all the time. I promise but sometimes I create a tornado in my room... and that's how it goes. :)

      Ummm.. did I mention I think you are awesome?!? :)

  7. Oh my.....just the information I needed to start creating a canvas - Rexene

  8. I especially like the page. Great job!