Thursday 15 August 2013

Please deliver....

...... Enough said?!?!?

Brother, Brother?

Father, Father?

Are you listening?

Do you hear my cries...?

Believe it or not, this happens to me on a regular basis... I am a lucky one.  Truly lucky.  Or perhaps I am the smart one to buy a house on the way to the golf course in which my family are members... Huh?

I'd prefer to say I am smart... yet also so very, very lucky.

Anyway, this "Perfect Blend" stamp set was a MUST HAVE for me. I just adore it.  And I wonder sometimes if its just adding to an addiction...

Well, the stamp only comes as a single cup and you might wonder how I managed to create the "triple threat..."... (I don't ask for three shots of espresso... I just ask for three cups of coffee.. joking.. hardee, hard, hard.)

I used a masking technique where I stamped the image on paper twice and cut each of them out.  I then grabbed my cardstock and stamped the two front ones.  But I had to cover both of those with my "masks" to stamp the image behind.  It didn't come out as crisp as I would like... but I have a trick for that.  No way was I doing all that work over again.  I always grab my trusty black pen and careful color it in.

I also stamped on some patterned paper in order to cut out the coffee sleeves... YUM!

Anyway... for REALSIES... PLEASE DELIVER! (One cream, one sugar... please)

Join me tomorrow for a special edition of Artisan Wednesday Friday Wow... If you liked my post on Wednesday, you'll be sure to enjoy the next one.


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