Saturday 31 August 2013

CCC Making Memories: Epic This & That

I started to feel quite overwhelmed in August so I wanted to get myself organized... off to Staples I went for an agenda.  And that sparked my inspiration for this Epic Day This and That album.
To create this look, I first applied a layer of gesso.  I then decided that I would enhance some of the areas on the cover where I wanted your eye to be drawn to.  To do so, I mixed some "tangerine tango" re-inker with the gesso and painted lightly.  You can see this on the top of the cover and on the bottom.

I used the Epic Day This & That paper and cut out the hexagons... I sanded them down to get the "flava-flav" that I was going for.  I also used the small oval punch to create the feathers.  Simply cut-cut-snip-snip to create them.

I used the Morning Post numbers stamp set to create the date and the frame underneath it.

And finally I sanded down the gesso, as well as dropped some extra re-inker to give it a rustic feel.

Since this is a gift and since there's already some amazing paper, I am letting my friend do what she wishes with the inside. I would suggest photos and tickets and notes that she has gathered from the year...
She's a teacher so I figured she needed a bookmark.  The burlap ribbon works perfectly! You simply have the use hot glue to the inside of your back cover.  This way... the bookmark doesn't get lost!
Have a fantastic day!!


  1. Oooooh! Snazzy journal! I too am a feather and burlap fan.

  2. This is really beautiful, Cathy! You've inspired me to actually do something with the Epic Day This & That journal I bought, and keep looking at! LOL.

  3. Gorgeous as usual!! Love the idea of doing this with journals