Thursday 26 January 2017

My cards are white. So what? | Fancy Friday Blog Hop

"Use anything you want either new OR newly retired. Just because you like it, just because you need a challenge, just because you needed a card ASAP to send...."

... They said.
I am not in a box.
Wow. I feel wild and free.
.. And then I made this. Ugh.

I thought the sprinkled belly would be cool with the sentiment...
But the candies made the glassine bag look oily.
And I couldn't get the colours right. 
I hated it.

You see I usually make cards like this when its not for Design Team Work.
It's what I am into.
Take it or leave it.
I know they aren't that impressive but in real life they are cool.
To me, at least.

I use mostly Stampin' Up! images from current and old sets.

I have many images "pre-heat embossed" on water color paper ready for me to do at a moments notice.

And when I sit down to watch shows and movies that I can't actually watch because they are too scary with my husband... well. I color. And that's a big bonus, my friends.

I like one layered white cards.
So what?
There. I said it.

But I did make this one too.... just to mix it up a little.

Well, wasn't that a bit of everything for you today....

.. Do you kind of feel like you have been at an all you can eat buffet?
No? Bet you wish you were though, right? A candy one in the very least... with those fuzzy peaches. Yum. 

Its your turn to go see what Joyce has to make.  Seriously. This girl has got it going on.  She is a trendy cool lady.  Check it out.


  1. Seriously adore your white one layer cards! Great coloring!

  2. I'm gonna guess you know how I feel about your one layer white cards, haha!!! You already KNOW I adore them! Because really, I just want to be you! ;-) But then you go and make me like that green (which is hard to do, for the record) because that card is simply fun, clever with the perfect mix of basically, you. Love you, love these!

  3. Love all your fun cards, so great for kids parties :)

    1. Oh yes!! Always in a pinch, aren't we??? Momzies...

  4. I color all the time. I love the idea of stamping a bunch and having them ready!

    1. Yeah!!! I will stamp like one stamp 4-10 times on watercolour paper... and then I put a clear envelope on them so the embossing powder doesn't get on the other cards. Plop them in a box. When its movie time or what have you I colour a few!

  5. I can hear you talking Cathy. You sound just like me when I have blah creations too! However, glassine bag aside, I adore your monster tag, and that is the project. He. Is. Cute! I love the watery look and shock of colour, and those sprinkles look good enough to eat!

    1. awwww you are sweet!! I do understand we all have "different eyes"!! Thank goodness too!!! .. Sometimes my posts... are just rambles... I ramble. and "mosey"...

  6. Your one layer cards are adorbs! And so is everything else you make...

  7. Love your single layer white card style, but that Monster is totally cute!! I'm with Paula, that water coloured look you've achieved on him is just perfect.

    1. Ahhhhhhh!! Thanks!!! So strange how people see different things!! .. we are all different... they keep telling me at least. :)

  8. You my friend always make me smile! I love your cards, I love the bag, I love YOU, and your fun way of blogging :) You are the best.