Thursday 19 January 2017

Sealed With Love mini album | Stampin' Up! Artisan Design Team Blog Hop

It's me.
Cathy Caines.

Sometimes I talk too much and other days I talk too little.
Sometimes I eat breakfast and other days I do not.
My husband snores.
My daughter climbs up the handle on my fridge and flips backwards.
My son doesn't like his toys in the toy box.
The dog takes up way too much room on my pillow.
A great day is when we all sit and eat supper together that I actually cooked on the stove.
That's life in my world.
And I can't wait to share it with you.

Today is special.
It's the first Stampin' Up! Artisan Blog Hop for 2017 and you'll be meeting some of my new friends from around the world who will be sharing crazy amazing projects with you.

If you didn't know, in the Stampin' Up! world, being an Artisan is a big deal.  
There. I said it.

To hear the story of my 2017 Artisan phone call and receiving my award, you'll have to check out these to blog posts: The Phone Call + The Secret.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Linthorne
With Valentines Day, just around the corner I thought I'd use the Sending Love Suite in order to create a small mini album.  I never let mini albums take a great deal of time...  

I am a "Wam. Bam. Thank You Ma'am kind of gal."
It's time that you did the same. 
Here's how:

Step 1: I cut out several banners from Sending Love Designer Series Paper (DSP) using the Banner Framelits.   I almost always have at least one transparency in my albums.  This time, I incorporated the Fabulous Foil Acetate because the Sending Love glassine sheets were a little too thin.

Step 2: Print photos from your phone to your home printer.  I use the Canon Selphy C910 to have access to my photos whenever I want.  With my iPhone, I use the Pic Collage app to select the photos I want in the desired size. I save the layout and then hit "Send to Printer" from my Camera Roll.  Ta-dah!  I use Pic Monkey when I am on my computer.

Step 3: Put your album together.  Don't over think it.  Alternate between a a light piece of paper and  a dark piece of paper. Secure your papers with a ring or ribbons.

Step 4: Decide which photos are going where.  Use a glue dot to temporarily hold them in place in case you change your mind. No need to commit just yet...

Step 5: Die cut a bunch of stuff.  Pick out 3 or 4 other supporting items like wood veneers and pearls.

Step 6: Give yourself 3 or 4 minutes to embellish each page then move on to the next.  You can always come back to it if you like.  Don't go over your time limit because you'll just be running in your wheelie with your hamster.

Step 7:  Add dimension. To do by adding an extra strip of paper or anything else that floats your boat. Think tickets or felt or die cuts.

Step 8:  Add texture. Add ribbon or tassels... I added some wooden veneers through the ring.

Step 9: Add journalling.  With music playing or in the quiet, write down your story.  What is it that you want to say? Don't over think. Just write.  

Step 10: You are done. Have a sandwich. Ham preferably. Hold the mustard.

Oh... you noticed the tassels, did you?  

They are very trendy right now.  They took 2 minutes to create and definitely helped pull this album together.  How?... oh... how do you do tassels?... You'll have to ask Google.  However, I will tell you that I secured my ends with a hot glue gun.

I added the little envelopes with "The Reasons Why I Love You" on the back side of some pages.  I hand wrote them even though I didn't like my handwriting that day.... they always like things handwritten.

But seriously, who can resist those teeny tiny envelopes from the Love Notes Framelits?

Those faces.  So sweet.

What else is sweet?  Those little 5 cent "tickets" - cut them out of the Sending Love Designer Series Paper.  Adhere them with a mini paper clip.

Photo Credit to Sage Photography
Use ribbon to create a "pull tag".  Use a regular stapler to adhere it.  That metallic ribbon is a sale-a-oration item... ahem. You need it. Just saying.

Photo Credit to Stephanie Linthorne
On the back of the album, I stamped the "Happy Valentines Day" image on the back.

If you made it this far, you've done well.

Thanks so much for dropping by.  Make sure to follow me on Facebook and on Instagram.  I do Facebook Live Events every Thursday night at 8pm Eastern Time (Today!) and post to Instagram regularly.

PS. It's so great to meet you. :)

You are off to see Dani Dziama now.   She will blow your mind.  I've followed her for a long time and she knows her stuff.

Supplies: Sealed With Love Stamp Set, Sending Love Designer Series Paper Stack, Mini Paper Clips, Sending Love Embellishments, Whisper White and Real red cardstock, Sending Love Ribbon Combo Pack, Basic Pearls, Metallic Ribbon Combo Pack (SAB), Love Notes Framelits, Fabulous Foil Designer Acetate, Banner Framelits



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