Saturday 13 February 2016

Simple Stories Disney Mini Album | video

This past year I said I wanted to learn how to do YouTube videos and become more consistent in providing them.  This would be what I call my start. It's not pretty but it's something. You can find my channel here.

Enjoy this 12 minute video as I go through this album...

I did "notice" that I said "notice" far too often!! 

I created three similar albums in 2014.  One of the albums was for me and the other two were gifts for my mom and sister.  Although these albums were not fast to make I followed my "Mini Album" guidlelines in order to create them.


So. You took a lot of photos.

It's overwhelming, I know. 

 I printed every single one through Costco.  I selected about 8 to print in oversize and made sure to have 3 copies of each.  

Once printed, I sort all the photos into three piles: Cathy, Heather, Mom.  Although the pictures wouldn't be exact in each album, there were multiples of most pics.  

And yes. I threw pictures out. GASP.  I did.  If I didn't use them, I trashed them.

Next, I sorted each pile by day. We went for 7 days so I had 7 piles. 

I did all my journalling on Stampin' Up! Project Life (tm) grid cards.  Since I was printed these three times, printing only made sense.  I used my computer to do this rather than a typewriter.  This also helped keep it consistent.  The font I used was Remington Noiseless.

We did one park a day so for me, it made sense to divide the days up by park.  I made sure to have an insert or a title page for each day.  However, I also included a couple areas for 'hotel life' and 'swimming'.

These 'inserts' were a great opportunity for me to place some of my Memory Maker photos that weren't fitting in the smaller pockets.

When I had too many photos, I used these flips.  You can create your own but Simple Stories also makes them.  It's a great opportunity to use your Fuse tool as well!

There were plenty of videos on top of the photos so I was sure to upload all the videos to my family youtube channel.  I used website to create the QR code.

Any extra bits that I had leftover, I placed in a pocket envelope at the back.  This pocket is from Stampin' Up! but you can also get them through Becky Higgins.

Make sure to check out the video because there's a lot of pages here and I simply couldn't have them all here.

Happy Disney documenting!