Sunday 7 February 2016

[Loving] right now | around here

Shimelle Laine returned and has been inspiring us with her energy and different perspective.  

This week she challenged us to scrapbook a selfie.  With that in mind, my friends had a another fast challenged where you had one hour to whip through a sketch.  That's not a lot of time.  I had already taken the photo early Saturday morning.  But I didn't know what I would say at that time.  For some reason, I thought I'd talk about guilt that Moms often feel. I'll save that for another day because inspiration arose while putting my 5 year old Jane to bed.  

"Mommy. I am thinking bad things again."

Thinking she was trying to get out of going to bed, I responded in a tough love voice, "Jane. You have to learn to think about the positive."

Jane responds, "Right. Nobody likes a gobbly gut."

This came from an earlier conversation where she was sooky and I explained that she had to smile at a birthday party because nobody likes a grumbly gut or a stick in the mud. It makes others feel sad at a party.

"Well, remember when we talk about your bad dreams? And we say that you need to think about something different. Things you love.  Like... candy."

Thinking, Jane says. "OK. Ten things I love. Candy. Watching iPad. Birthday Parties. Watching TV. Valentines. Hanging out with my family..."  "Now you..."

Holding my hands up, I began... "the quiet."

"I knewwwwwww you'd say that."

"OK. Number two. Reese's Pieces peanut butter cups."

"I knewwwwwww you'd say that."

"OK. Number three. Coffee in the mornings."

"I was going to tell you to say that.  And say you love reading with Jane."

"OK. Reading with Jane. Number 5...."

You get the point. Seriously. Inspiration is around you every day.

Also.  If you ever wondered... no. I do not re-read my journalling until its too late... And I probably never will. 

[loving] the quiet
[loving] early mornings with hot coffee in hand
[loving] listening to Jack explain what's in his head
[loving] Reese's Pieces peanut butter cups
[loving] reading with Jane
[loving] the quiet (again... I really like the quiet lately it seems)
[loving] de-cluttering
[loving] feeling loved with one touch
[loving] Downton Abbey
[loving] renewed scrapbooking energy
[loving] planning for a better me
[loving] very little snow in February
[loving] big and small adventures
[loving] being me


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  1. Love this! Great story and a beautiful layout.