Wednesday 17 February 2016

My Florida Happy Place | Project Life

I've been lucky.

Very lucky.

My parents recently purchased a Florida home in sunny Venice, Florida. This is quite an amazing thing when you live on the most Easternly island of North America.  One in which virtually does not have a Spring: Instead it has a 9 month winter, a beautiful one month of Fall and 2 months of summer beginning in July.  Last year, we travelled to Florida 3 times and I would imagine that this schedule will continue despite the terrible dollar.  

I decided that creating a Florida album would be the best way to suit my needs.  I remember May Flaum discussing how she has a camping album - this idea totally works for me.

The items used in creating this layout was a 'mish mash' of items but largely Ali Edwards story kits.  I love how these kits can be used for any type of memory keeping.

This journal card was from another one of Ali's story kits - I used photoshop and my computer to get the story written on the card.

I can honestly say that this home will definitely be one of my happy places.


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