Monday 25 May 2015

Monday Refresh | 05.25.2015

monday refresh, n [def]: 
To revigorate or renew on a Monday. To give new energy or strength on a Monday.

(On Monday mornings, I like to clean out my purse, prepare my to do list, make a meal plan and start new. Organize. Declutter. Simplify. My ambitions for the year. Let's do this.)

1. Schedules to be updated into my fancy new 2015-16 agenda.

2. Outside cleaning. Lawn must be mowed. (heck. pay gardeners.)

3. Resist late night snacks. (except for Friday and Saturday while I am away, right?)

4. Pick out paint for bathrooms.

5. Clean the fish tank. (yuck)

What's you five refreshers this week? What's your routines?

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