Thursday 9 April 2015

Ali Edwards Story Kits: Day/Night

Every month, I get the Ali Edwards story kits.

I am a kit junkie. But I... ummm.. love them!

The kits themselves are amazing, small but amazing.  However, its the class content that really turns my crank.  Each month has a theme and last's month theme was AM/PM. I am always a month behind because it takes a little while for the kits to make it to my big Eastern piece of ice... also known as Newfoundland, Canada.

She always gives story prompts.  She really encourages you to tell the story.  But not only that, she encourages you to find the best in every day life.  She also encourages telling the story when perhaps its not the best day.

This month's content had a PDF that had the words "morning" and "evening".  I was able to measure the distance of that words on the page and then used photoshop to carefully figure out exactly where I wanted my typed words to land.

And that's how I did it.

I love it.  I love telling the story.  It was a simple question.  AM/PM... what does that word mean to you.  And you could go in many directions.

Have a nice day!

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